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At The Top of a Very Short List – Gulfstream G550, Serial Number 5199, N443M

With almost 600 Gulfstream G550s in service around the world and new ones still delivering, it is clear that Gulfstream hit a home run when they first designed this aircraft in the early 2000s.  Today, there are approximately 24 G550s publicly available representing only roughly 4% of the fleet and when you look at the details of those aircraft you end up with only a few worth considering.  Gulfstream G550, Serial Number 5199 quickly rises to the top of that very short list based on pedigree, maintenance history, equipment and price, not to mention having a great owner/seller behind it.

Over the last decade the majority of new aircraft were sold to buyers outside of North America.  Today, most buyers are in North America.  That means that many of the available G550s, must go through an export and import process making the sale challenging, frustrating, costlier and time consuming.

Gulfstream G550, Serial Number 5199 has been owned by a large public company in the United States since it was new.  This seller has been a longtime Gulfstream operator and they own multiple Gulfstreams.  This sale is part of a planned transition.  They have a beautiful facility in Oakland, CA and they take a no-expense spared approach to the maintenance and care of their aircraft which they operate worldwide.  This G550 is kept in a turn-key condition with upgrades meeting NEXTGEN regulatory compliance requirements and additional safety enhancements like Synthetic Vision 2.0.  The logs and records are impeccable, the 96-month inspection was completed in 2016 and the aircraft looks beautiful.  This will represent a great value to a buyer and it will be an easy and enjoyable transaction.  Call us today at +1-303-444-6766 or email us at to learn more.  You can also review detailed specifications on our website at  We look forward to speaking with you!


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