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Mesinger Pulse – “The Sign Says We Are Open For Business, But Are We?”

Every week I join two or three web events. I now know what everyone’s home office, kitchen and living rooms look like. I know what everyone’s favorite casual or Tommy Bahama shirts look like. I know what we each look like with beards, mustaches and longer hair. I think we are all itching to get back to work.

The topics of the events are all pretty much the same. What is happening in our respective businesses and how do we feel about our current and near-term future? We are all reporting on increased call activity. Some are looking for the best “Off-Market” planes, whatever that means! Some are struggling to find the plane that will capture the imagination of a prospect through pricing. Others are trying to create the best set of facts to motivate a prospect off of the fence.

So, are we open for business or is our imagination playing tricks on us? I think we are involved in an amazing scientific experiment and are possibly only a handful of weeks away from knowing the real meaning of opening back up. The experiment is about us as a world grappling with the reality of social distancing, masks and the right mix of hygiene in conjunction with the need and desire to open up economies. As we see states and cities and restaurants and bars and bowling alleys open and create the right mix of clientele, we will know far more answers and be able to really shout, “We are open for business!”

Until this experiment has a few more weeks of results we can only dream and imagine what we will look like for the Summer and the Fall into Winter. If we can adjust responsibly, more and more normalcy may return. The idea of travel may begin to embrace the confidence of the public. I know that confidence will come back and all the increased calls we are starting to have will translate into offers and sales.

As I am sure you are all experiencing, COVID-19 is adding new challenges as well as new creative actions. Visiting aircraft being considered for purchase and moving the aircraft to locations away from their home base for pre-buys, all require new solutions to what are necessary actions for a sale. We will get these new protocols in place and they will be easier every time we try them.

So, no gloom here just the reality for us to be open for business and encourage our clients to get back out into the skies will depend on a semblance of normality returning. The normalcy will return if we all use the facts and follow the leads. We all have a responsibility of turning the open for business sign around in our windows. We all can claim to be a part of the successful opening. Please join in this effort to turn the sign around and get our transactions back up, keep the values of our aircraft as intact as we can, and get back to enjoying the success we have all had a taste of.

Soon we can shave, grab that coat and tie and turn the baseball caps forward. It will be great to meet my peers in person rather than on Zoom.

Developed Blueprint for Buying and Selling During COVID-19

Being able to understand the challenges that will be faced in today’s environment that makes buyers and sellers have to operate differently will give those who choose Mesinger Jet Sales a strong position to complete a transaction successfully. Almost every facet of an aircraft transaction has been affected.

Call us to learn more! We are here and ready to help talk through what the effects of COVID-19 are on our aircraft markets, aircraft values and the process of buying or selling. No question is too small or random. We welcome the opportunity to speak with you. +1-303-444-6766.

Gulfstream G650ER, Serial Number 6060 – Pedigree Matters

We are excited to represent Gulfstream G650ER Serial Number 6060 for sale.  This is an incredible one US corporate owner, 2014 model, forward galley, forward crew rest, highly equipped aircraft.  Some of the stand out options and upgrades include: Triple FMS with WAAS/LPV, HUD II and EVS II with EVS Head-Down Function, Synthetic Vision, XM Weather, RAAS, Predictive Windshear, ADS-B Out (DO-260B), FANS 1/A+ CPDLC, TCAS 7.1, Jet ConneX Ka-Band & SwiftBroadband High-Speed Data systems with SDR and more.  And, the paint and interior are in very good condition and the aircraft is appointed in neutral elegant colors.

This Gulfstream G650ER has been owned by one Fortune 20 company with a large corporate Part 91 flight department since it delivered new.  The various derivatives of the company have owned and operated business aircraft for almost 50 years.  Today, the flight department is a Stage 3, 3rd Audit IS-BAO flight department and they operate multiple Gulfstreams.  There is a senior Director of Maintenance and each aircraft in the department is managed by an accountable crew chief.  A majority of their flights are long range international trips and to best support their operations their aircraft are equipped for the greatest reliability with redundant systems and options supporting communications security.  There is no finer pedigree in the world and in today’s world, aircraft pedigree matters more than ever before.

This aircraft checks all the right boxes….Pedigree. Equipment. Mechanical and Cosmetic Condition. Interior Configuration. Price.  Don’t miss this incredible offering.  You can learn more about it on our website: or call us today at +1-303-444-6766.  We look forward to discussing this with you.

Mesinger Pulse – “Heightened Level of Sensitivity”

There are so many articles that I am receiving about the impact of COVID-19 on every facet of our daily lives. I do not want to distract or add to those very important bits of input. I do want to create a dialog that takes all of these impacts and relates it to us and our industry. This set of events is monumental. There is a word for this type of event that catches us all off guard. It is called an exogenous change. In an economic model, an exogenous change is one that comes from outside the model and is unexplained by the model. None of us were prepared for COVID-19.

Hurricane Katrina, although huge and life changing, was always expected over time. In 2008 the economy we were living in, with cheap money and lower barriers to entry for borrowers, although maybe not foreseen at that moment, was what we should have all expected based on the real fundamentals at that time. The effect of what happened in 2015 when oil went from $150.00 per barrel to $25.00 per barrel was not foreseen but the impact of that should have never been a surprise.

One of my very best friends is an economist in Denver. His firm Harvey Economics published their spring newsletter. It was so impactful that I have plagiarized parts of it below. You will note his words because I have put them in quotes. As aircraft professionals we serve our industry in the capacity of consulting as well as brokering. That can put us on either side of a transaction.

Today I want to speak about being on the buying side. This is what will be an especially complicated side during this Pandemic and the future months to come. Buyers, like sellers, will need to adjust to a set of market conditions that are not yet set in stone. They will be evolving. Usual and customary practices are very likely to change. Like so many areas of our society, new norms will abound. Not just the price we pay or the price we accept for the aircraft. Viewings of the planes must contemplate social distancing practices, aircraft movements to inspections must consider possible quarantine periods for the crews, and the length of time for scheduling of inspections or modernizations post-closing may be extended. On and On. Changes may come up to processes we are not even considering yet.

We must all act with a heightened level of sensitivity. I wrote last week about “reactive” pricing versus “responsible” pricing. That was the beginning of this continued discussion. If we are to, as buyers, get a deal done we must act with sensitivity and responsibleness in every piece of the process beginning with responsible offers. If you are afraid of markets tumbling then do not go in and just throw a dart at the wall. Sit on the fence. If you have confidence in your aircraft professional who is guiding you then build your metrics, consider all factors of the aircraft including future investment, pedigree, and mechanical condition and set your price and go after the plane. I assure you there are not that many buyers so if you set yourself up correctly and you are willing to act accordingly in this environment then go for it. Go into the market with confidence and sensitivity towards the seller. If you come into this market as a bully prepare to lose the plane you want. Be sensitive to the fact that sellers will respond best to buyers who do not talk about making multiple offers, or who come to the table with just an LOI or “would you take”, In today’s environment consider including a full contract to contemplate with the offer and already have the deposit in place at a title company. Be real, be thorough with your process. Show compassion and sensitivity and you will be more successful than not.

Now to quote my good friend: “The foundation of our economies, local to worldwide, are composed of simple transactions of one party selling or trading something of value to another party. The number, speed, and nature of those transactions determine the size and health of an economy. When these transactions recently slowed to a crawl, it was as if blood had stopped flowing in our economic body. Having spent much of our adult lives on the topic of impacts, you may ask what will be the socioeconomic impact of all this? Again, we have no models or past experience to accurately estimate this unknown future.”

The Mesinger Jet Sales team is charging forward on all cylinders. We are here for you now and throughout this pandemic, as we all adjust to this new world. We wish all of you a smooth transition and good health.

Citation X S/N 207 N49PW

When looking through a list of competitive aircraft for sale look for the best.  The Citation X Serial Number 207 that we are representing for sale is just that…..the best Citation X available based upon the combination of pedigree, condition and equipment as well as seller expectations.  This is a Part 91, two U.S. owner aircraft based in Denver, Colorado.  The first owner was a large company with a large flight department and the seller is a private operator with a first-class flight-department including a dedicated full-time director of maintenance.  No expense is spared to ensure safety, dispatch reliability and the integrity of the asset. 

The aircraft has been retrofitted with the Primus Elite DU-875 LCD cockpit (all five monitors), it is ADS-B Out compliant, it has both the latest greatest Gogo AVANCE L5 4G internet with an Aircell Wi-Fi router and Thrane & Thrane Aero-SwiftBroadband Lite worldwide internet, LED lights throughout the interior and so much more.  The engines are enrolled on the Rolls-Royce Corporate Care program and the APU is enrolled on the Honeywell MSP Gold program.  And the paint and interior are in very good condition; this is a beautiful aircraft.

The Primus Elite DU-875 LCD screen upgrade replaces the old CRT screens reducing weight, providing go-forward support and increased reliability and giving the crew greater situational awareness benefits and added information at their fingertips.  This is a very valuable upgrade making X’s equipped with it a great option to carry their owners into the future.

The Gogo AVANCE L5 4G system is the latest greatest domestic air-to-ground internet available supporting streaming and other online capabilities as though you were in your office or home.  And with the Thrane & Thrane SwiftBroadband Lite also installed you’re covered when going over water and abroad.

Additional benefits of this aircraft include:

  • WAAS/LPV (FMS NZ 6.1)
  • XM Graphical Weather & Dual HF COM’s with SELCAL
  • Electronic Jeppesen Charts & DL-1000 Data Loader
  • Mid-Continent MD302 Standby Attitude Module (SAM)
  • LED Tail Nav, Wing Nav, Over-Wing  & Taxi Lights
  • LED Cabin Upwash/Downwash, MED Stair & Dropped Aisle Lights
  • Two (2) Cockpit & Four (4) Cabin Powered Dual USB Outlets
  • Defuel Plumbing & 49 Cu Ft. Additional O2 Bottle Factory Options
  • 2015 West Star Paint & Complete Interior Refurbishment

If you are looking for the best Citation X available this is it.  You can see detailed specifications and lots of photographs on our website here: and call or write us today at +1-303-444-6766 or to learn more.  We look forward to speaking with you.

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