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Gulfstream G200 S/N 91

The Gulfstream G200 is a great super mid-size aircraft with efficient operating costs and good range.  U.S. FAA and Israeli certification was issued in December 1998 and Gulfstream acquired Galaxy Aerospace, a wholly owned subsidiary of Israeli Aircraft Industries, in 2001.  With this acquisition which included the type certificate for the Galaxy Aircraft, the original name for the G200, Gulfstream entered the mid-size corporate aircraft markets.  Since its acquisition of Galaxy Aerospace and the Galaxy aircraft,  Gulfstream has continued to further develop the aircraft enhancing its performance and providing all maintenance and support for the product.  Most of the earlier aircraft have had service bulletins and mods complied with to bring them up to the same standard as the later serial number G200s.  The biggest serial number break was in the high 70s after which all subsequent aircraft came off of the line with all of Gulfstream’s changes incorporated.  According to Conklin& de Decker, the G200 can fly well over 3,000nm and it can do so very efficiently compared to other comparable size and mission aircraft.

We are currently representing Gulfstream G200 S/N 91 for sale.  This is an outstanding one owner aircraft based in Hillsboro, OR.  The owner has used it for travel around the world.  The paint and interior are in great condition showing very little wear.  It has been on a Part 135 certificate before, however, it was never actively chartered and it is currently Part 91.  The engines are enrolled on the Pratt & Whitney ESP Gold engine maintenance program and the Honeywell GTCP 36-150 APU only has 750 hours since new.  While the owner has a full time director of maintenance, all major maintenance has been performed by Gulfstream Authorized service centers.  The aircraft is currently at the Gulfstream Service Center in Long Beach, CA for the 300/600/1200 hour and 12/24 month inspections.  Other stand out benefits of this particular G200 include exceptionally high service bulletin compliance, avionics that support global travel and a major recent price reduction from $9,800,000 to $9,000,000 making it the best value G200 and super mid-size aircraft on the market.

Call us today to learn more about this Gulfstream G200 S/N 91 or visit our website for full specifications and photographs at

Fleet Management And Transition Planning

It has been a while, but several clients are starting to not only talk about one off sales and acquisitions, but about long-term fleet management and transition plans.  It is exciting to hear companies thinking in these terms again and these are projects that we are excited to be a part of.  Transition plans are not easy or quick.  They involve long-term commitments and in depth analysis of mission profiles, corporate development plans, budgets, market evaluations and the review of future products and other outside influences.   Over the years we have developed a lot of resources and proprietary tools that we use when developing these kinds of plans for our clients including detailed interactive budgeting models.   We use many of the same resources when working with first time buyers.

This kind of forward long-term thinking about transition plans, and not just transactions, allows for the development of programs that allow companies to strategically plan and budget to effectively meet corporate needs.  From a flight department perspective, this type of planning provides positive exposure at the executive level as aviation growth becomes one of the key vehicles the company uses to facilitate corporate growth.  From the executive level, the commitment to this kind of planning means that a company can better plan for major capital expenditures and most effectively meet their travel needs.  Longer term strategic transition planning also helps facilitate operational planning like commonality of cockpits, training programs, facilities needs and more.  Over the years we have worked with many large companies to develop these kinds of forward thinking strategic plans and then represented our clients in the execution of them.  While much of this kind of planning was put on the back burner over the last few years, it is good news for our whole industry that many large companies are ready to start discussing this kind of planning again.

Falcon 2000 S/N 48

The Falcon 2000 has been an exceptionally successful aircraft for Dassault Falcon Jet.  First delivered in 1995, Falcon has leveraged the success of the 2000 design by subsequently developing the Falcon 2000EX EASy, the Falcon 2000LX EASy and now the Falcon 2000S just recently introduced as the manufacturer’s new entry-level aircraft.  Since 1995, there have been more than 450 Falcon 2000s and its derivatives placed into service.  The Falcon 2000 is also a large body aircraft with an understated ramp presence.  It is more fuel efficient than some of the other competitive offerings in the market and Falcon is committed to providing excellent service and support worldwide.  According to Conklin & de Decker, the Falcon 2000 has a range of approximately 3,000 nautical miles.

We helped the current owner of Falcon 2000 S/N 48 buy the aircraft a few years ago.  Today, we are helping him sell it because his mission has changed and it is now immediately available.  Over the last two and a half years, the owner has used the aircraft to travel around the world.  It has also been on a Part 135 certificate for both the last owner and the current owner and it has proven to be an exceptionally reliable aircraft and in great condition.  This Falcon 2000 is loaded with avionics including Heads-Up Display, triple FMS systems and other optional equipment required for global travel.  The paint and interior are in excellent condition and the aircraft has a 10-passenger interior configuration and lots of cabin amenities.

We have sold three other Falcon 2000s since the end of 2010 including closing on the most recent sale in July of this year.  We based our pricing strategy for the sale of this aircraft on that direct recent experience and I feel confident in saying that Falcon 2000 S/N 48 represents best value in the Falcon 2000 market.  Please visit our website at to learn more about it or call us at +1 303-444-6766.  We look forward to speaking to you about this great aircraft soon!

Click here ( to watch a video produced by J. Mesinger Corporate Jet Sales, Inc. about this Falcon 2000 S/N 48.

Challenger 601-3As

The Challenger 601-3A is one of several Challengers in the evolution of a product which was first developed in 1980 as the Challenger 600.  The product line has evolved through the 601-1A, 601-3A, 601-3R, 604 and it is now in its sixth iteration as the Challenger 605.  Bombardier has used the same fuselage for each of these aircraft.  With a production run that has lasted over thirty years, the Challenger 600 series is one of the longest built most successful corporate aircraft ever created.

The Challenger 601-3A in particular has had a long history of safe and successful operation.  There are 133 Challenger 601-3As actively flying worldwide.  Most Challenger 601-3As have also had avionic upgrades that support global travel.  With a range of approximately 3,000 nautical miles with full fuel and full passengers and a large cabin providing an extremely comfortable flying experience all combined with prices under $5,000,000, the Challenger 601-3A represents one of the greatest values in the corporate aircraft market today.  Further, the Challenger 601-3A fleet has many many years and thousands and thousands of hours of continued safe useful life left and they are compliant with current noise and operational regulations.  Other comparable (performance and size) corporate aircraft cost twice as much or more than the Challenger 601-3A.  In 2007, our firm sold eleven Challengers.  Between 2004 and 2008, prices of Challenger 601-3As consistently averaged between $11,000,000 and $13,000,000.  Today, prices are off roughly 60% from their pre-recession peak.

We recently sold a Challenger 601-3A S/N 5037 and we are excited to currently represent two other great Challenger 601-3As.  Each of our seller’s mission profiles have changed which is directing their respective current strategy shifts for their needs for corporate aviation.  Both of our sellers are also very aware of the current market conditions and our recent experience in this market selling a competitive aircraft, and both are ready to receive offers and sell for fair market prices.  The two Challenger 601-3As that we are currently selling and of which are both immediately available are:

Challenger 601-3A, Serial Number 5050: 1989 model, 7,929 hours, 4,263 landings, 2,059/2,105 engine hours TSOH, dual Honeywell NZ2000 FMS with 6.0 software, triple comms, enhanced flight ID for European operations, WSI Weather, RAAS, Triple Laserefs, dual Flight Bags, Aircell flight phone, dual HF radios, Airshow 400, Sirius Satellite radio and many other cabin and avionics upgrades.  This aircraft has a 12 passenger fire blocked interior.  We helped the previous owner buy this aircraft and then a few years later sell it to the current owner.  Now, the current owner’s mission profile has changed and they are making a transition and selling this too.  This aircraft has had all of its 20-year maintenance done and it has great maintenance history and pedigree.  The log books are well organized and in excellent condition.  You can learn more about this aircraft by visiting our website at:  You can also see a video that we produced about this aircraft at:

Challenger 601-3AER, Serial Number 5078: 1990 model, 5,724 hours, 2,880 landings, GE On-Point Engine maintenance program, Honeywell GTCP 36-150CL APU (on MSP), On SMART PARTS, dual Honeywell NZ2000 FMS with 6.0 software, dual comms, enhanced flight ID for European operations, Triple Laserefs, dual HF Radios, RAAS, XM Weather, Airshow 4000, iPod Video and Audio cabin entertainment interface, Extended range tail tank “ER” providing approximately 200 additional nautical miles of range and a 10 passenger fire blocked interior with beautiful paint and interior.  This aircraft has all of its 20-year maintenance done and it has great maintenance history and pedigree.  The log books are well organized and in excellent condition.  The owner is no longer flying as much and therefore no longer has a need for this aircraft.  You can learn more about this aircraft by visiting our website at:  You can also see a video that we produced about this aircraft at:

Please call us today to discuss these great aircraft further.  We look forward to talking to you soon!

A Workhorse That Defines Reliability

We just listed a 1996 model Falcon 900B for sale, Serial Number 156.  The seller has a long history of corporate aircraft ownership and they have used this aircraft extensively for both domestic and International travel, flying almost daily.  Their intense flying schedule means that dispatch reliability is absolutely mission critical and this Falcon 900B is a workhorse that defines reliability and has not failed them in 11 years of ownership.

The owner has engaged Jet Aviation to manage their aircraft.  Jet Aviation is a global leader in the corporate aircraft management business and their oversight means that no detail is left unattended to.  While the owner has a maintenance director who oversees the maintenance and records for this aircraft, most maintenance is performed by Falcon authorized service centers.  The records are exceptionally thorough and well organized.  The aircraft’s cosmetics are also in great condition and the owner regularly updates and refurbishes the paint and interior as needed.  Additionally, this Falcon has been equipped with avionics to support safe global travel with redundant navigational and communications systems that far surpass many of the Falcon 900Bs in the fleet.

The seller recognizes that having higher than average total time impacts the value of this aircraft and has instructed us to price the aircraft very competitively in the market to compensate for that.  With that concession acknowledged, a prospective buyer’s focus should be on the strengths of the offering and the idea that this is a proven workhorse that can continue to operate as successfully for a buyer’s operation as it has for the sellers.  This is a turn-key aircraft that you can put to work to fulfill your flight needs immediately.  Please visit our website at to learn more about this exceptional aircraft or call us today at +1 303-444-6766.  We look forward to discussing this with you further.

EBACE: Another Industry Success

The European Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition held its annual event in Geneva, Switzerland May 17th through the 19th. EBACE, jointly hosted each year by the European Business Aviation Association (EBAA), the leading association for business aviation in Europe, and the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA), the leading voice for the business aviation industry in the United States, takes shape as a three-day event and features exhibits, an incredible static display of aircraft, education sessions and maintenance & operations sessions (M&Os). It is all held at the magnificent Geneva Palexpo and Geneva International Airport.

This year I was privileged to have been asked for the second year to participate in one of the educational forums. On May 16th, along with many of my fellow aviation professionals from around the world, we presented at the “EBACE International Aircraft Transactions” conference. Like last year the attendance was great as well as the material presented. I leave each year knowing that international transactions are far more complicated than we are used to in our domestic work. In fact, no two transactions are the same as we blend different countries, different cultures and different time zones into the mix.

So now back at my desk in Boulder I can reflect on my successes at this year’s EBACE. I came away feeling terrific on many levels. I saw old and made new friends with international legal and maintenance professionals. I was able to see and be seen, thereby extending our corporate brand beyond our domestic boarders. I was able to attend several informational sessions, broadening my knowledge base about current International business issues to further support our ability to complete these complex transactions for our clients.

EBAA and NBAA are not just associations whose goal is to put on trade shows, but rather to shape business aviation in their markets for each of us who go to work in this industry every day. Regardless of whether you are operating business aircraft or building and supplying goods or services to this industry, we need associations like these to promote the positive value of business aviation in each and every city, state and municipality within their respective boarders. I urge each of you to learn more about these associations and support them with your membership. Once a member, be involved, stay active and when one of these associations asks for its members to reach out to the local and federal politicians and regulators about relevant issues that impact our operational flexibilities, do it. It is vital!

Visit the NBAA website here
Visit the EBAA website here

Great Things Come In Unexpected Packages

Great things come in unexpected packages.  For example, the best value in the Citation X market is packaged in an early Serial Number, Serial Number 6.  This aircraft has very high service bulletin status meaning that the concerns some people may have about the early production of this aircraft have been addressed.  Further, this aircraft is highly equipped and will be able to carry the next owner well into the future.  It has great pedigree.  The paint and interior are in very good condition.  The aircraft is currently operating on a Part 135 charter certificate.  And, it is in Wichita, KS right now for some major near term due inspections including the Document 11 inspection, the largest of the Citation X airframe inspections.

During the course of representing this aircraft I have had people express concerns about the early Serial Number.  Unfortunately, they are missing all of the great strengths that this aircraft offers at this price point because they are focused just on the packaging and not the package.  The benefits that I mentioned above mean that this this aircraft is completely turn-key and lacking for nothing.    We listed this aircraft for sale in mid-2010 with a price of $7,250,000.  Based on the competitive landscape at that time, we were looking to sell in the $6Ms.  In late 2010, we lowered the asking price to $5,900,000 and hoped to sell in the mid-$5Ms.  The owners are ready to sell this asset and have recently instructed us to lower the price from $5,900,000 to $5,200,000. Even at our asking price of $5,200,000, this will be the best Citation X value to ever trade; and that is just our asking price.  The owners are open to offers and ready to sell and move on.  The lesson…..don’t just look at the packaging, look at the package.  You might just be surprised at the incredible value wrapped inside.

Part 8: Looking at the Records

This post is the 8th in a continuing series
A Career Change: Learning the Aircraft Brokerage Business part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part6, part 7

I went with Dean Welch, our technical director, to Pontiac, MI to review the log books and records for a 1989 Challenger 601-3A S/N 5050 we are now representing for sale.  This is one of the most crucial steps in the process of signing up a new airplane.  It can’t be overstated how important it can be for a smooth transaction to physically go to the hanger or FBO that is housing an airplane you intend to sell.  You get a first-hand look at how it has been maintained, how the facility it is in is maintained and meet the people who do that work, and it gives you a chance to make sure you that all of the log books and records are accounted for and accurate.  We read every entry in every book, line by line.  As a broker, you want to know any issues an airplane may have or important upgrades and service bulletins it has complied with and be able to relate that story to any potential buyer before they make a trip all the way out to look at those records themselves anyway.      

This was a really great experience for me, and something that I will repeat many times in the future.  It was also a cold trip, filled with freezing rain and ice covered rental cars.  Michigan is a beautiful place with warm people, but man we hit a cold patch.  Another important element of this trip was getting a new headshot while we were having the aircraft we were listing photographed.  I worked in LA for 8 years, but never got a headshot.  Then, I move to Boulder, CO to sell airplanes and I’m on my second one!  I have to admit that when I first made the move and I needed something fast for the website, my wife and I did a little Photoshop.  Here’s a secret.  If you saw my first one, I am not really standing in front of an airplane.  I am in my house against a white wall and my wife, a master photoshoper, worked her magic.  In Pontiac, it was now time for the real deal.  Our regular airplane photographer, Charles Tack, stood out in the snow with me as I stood next to a real airplane and he took a great picture.  His Photoshop work included removing snowflakes, but the background was set.  Thank you, Charles.  And thank you Dean, for taking me on this trip and doing your share of training me.  A plane from 1989 has a lot of records and you taught me how to get through that much data.  That’s all for now, but there’ll certainly be more to come!     

new headshot
old headshot


A Shining Star in Business Aviation and a Falcon 2000EX EASy (S/N 57)

We just listed a Falcon 2000EX EASy for sale (S/N 57) for a company who exemplifies what it means to have a successful flight department.  The owner is a large public U.S. furniture company.  Aesthetics and functional design are critical to this forward thinking company who has revolutionized products in each industry in which they compete.  Everything in their offices and their corporate hangar, including their aircraft tug, is in perfect polished condition and beautifully designed.

This company bought their first airplane in 1972 and they have been proponents of the value add contribution that business aviation provides ever since.  Monday through Friday of every week, they send out two airplanes with sales people to pick up customers and bring them back for meetings at their corporate headquarters.  The value of spending that kind of one on one time with their customers on the airplanes, and being able to host their customers in their home offices, has proven a winning strategy for this company.  Employees of this company will tell you that they attribute the success to their hands on sales strategy only made possible by their use of business aviation.

Often, a customer’s first personal experience with the company, or business aviation, is on the Tarmac.  This company is a furniture and design company; and as such, the design and condition of every part of the customer interaction matters.  The airplanes are part of that experience.  The paint and interiors of their aircraft are exceptionally well designed and in great condition.  The cabins are loaded with amenities and the cockpits are loaded with avionics and options to maintain the greatest safety and reliability possible.  Their airplanes are flying five or six days a week and they can’t afford to have missed trips or limited options.

I am not only excited to know this flight department, a shining star example of a successful application of business aviation, but I am also proud that they are a client.  We are representing their 2005 Falcon 2000EX EASy S/N 57 for sale.  The seller has owned this Falcon since it was new and today it has approximately 5,000 hours total time and 3,650 landings.  The engines have been enrolled on JSSI since they were new with 100% coverage.  It has a beautiful 10 passenger interior and it is in excellent condition.  The cabin features Airshow 4000, a DVD player, an iPod connection for audio and video, two oversized monitors and three individual monitors.  Avionics and other features include an EASY cockpit with triple FMS, HUD, a FDR, Aircell AXXESS and more.  Additionally, the aircraft has very high service bulletin compliance and a fresh C-Check inspection complied with in December 2010.  This aircraft is immediately available and represents an exceptional value in today’s market.  

Full specifications and photos are available on our website at: or call us today to learn more about this great Falcon 2000EX EASy.

Part 7: Showing an Airplane

This article is the 7th in a continuing series
A Career Change: Learning the Aircraft Brokerage Business part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6

It’s been a little while since my last writing about the newness of my job and the challenges and successes of learning a new industry, but lately I have been pulled up off the bench quite a bit; asked to perform in the game and make some plays.  I wasn’t much of an athlete growing up, so often times the bench was my spot.  But in professional settings I have had the fortune to be called up to play in the game with real consequences.  A couple of weeks ago I was told that in a matter of hours I would be on a plane to Los Angeles to show a G550!  It just so happened that everybody else in the company was working on other deals and in different parts of the country, so it was my moment.  I was very familiar with the details of the airplane, I listened to my father and brother tell me what to expect in a showing like this and I packed my bags and got on the plane out to LA.  I knew I was ready and they knew I was ready!  My brother told me he expected 3 people to come look at the plane. As I stood on the ramp in my suit, with the spec and photo packs in my hand, the people I was meeting with pulled right up in their Global Express and all 7 of them came off the plane right towards me.  Not 3.  It felt very cool to be in that moment at that time, performing for the team and succeeding.  The showing went great and I had that notch in my belt telling me I can do this!    

 It reminds me of one of my first jobs in Hollywood.  I was working on “Something’s Gotta Give” with Jack Nicholson, Diane Keaton and Keanu Reeves, as a PA in the post production department.  I’d been working on the film for months, at the bottom of the ladder, getting lunch, picking up dailies in the morning from the lab and putting about 20,000 miles on my car in a year driving around Los Angeles.  Then one day out of the blue they came in to the office and said, Mesinger, we’re sending you to New York to screen the film at a premiere at a Times Square theater.  They were going to get me two first class tickets, one for me and one for the film (about 6 cans of the actual film from our cutting room.  No other copy exited at this point), a hotel room and a per diem.  I had just lived in New York City while I was in college and had left months before this, so I would be getting to return to my old town and friends on a business trip. A big one!  The same goes for my trip to LA for the G550.  My wife and I had just moved from LA before starting our new life in Colorado and I would be returning to my old home, friends and family on a business trip.  A big one!  Life has a funny way of throwing you opportunities at a moment’s notice.  The trick is to be prepared, focused, confident in your abilities and appreciative of the experience.  The bosses wouldn’t send you if they didn’t believe in you.  The job here at J. Mesinger Corporate Jet Sales is filled with new challenges like this every day and I just focus and learn from each of them.  Stay tuned for a report from my next mission; a trip to Detroit I went on last week to review an airplane we are listing.  It includes late departures, freezing rain, log book reviews and new headshots!

Self-Portrait after the showing

Self-Portrait Something's Gotta Give

Photos included are self-portraits captured from these two experiences. Standing in front of the G550 and feet up, by myself, in a New York screening room making sure the movie was ready to go.

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