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2012 Challenger 605, Serial Number 5874, N86NP

There are plenty of Challenger 605s for sale, but there are none that have this combination of (i) outstanding pedigree, (ii) good cosmetics, (iii) great maintenance condition with the 96-Month inspection tasks complied with by Bombardier in Tucson in January 2020 and (iv) this list of equipment and features all at this smart price.  Challenger 605 Serial Number 5874 stands tall above the competitive market for so many reasons.

The large U.S. company that has owned this aircraft since it was new has had a corporate flight department for 65 years and they have operated Challengers for the last 22 years.  Their flight department has been an IS-BAO Stage III flight department since 2014.  The maintenance team is lead by an outstanding Director of Maintenance.  And, each aircraft has its own accountable crew chief dedicated to ensuring their aircraft is maintained to the highest standards with the greatest care.  Some additional highlights of this Challenger 605 S/N 5874 include:

  • The Engines are enrolled on GE OnPoint & the APU is enrolled on MSP
  • The Aircraft is enrolled on Bombardier Smart Parts Plus & Collins CASP
  • Gogo ST 4300 Iridium SATCOM with ATG 5000 Broadband Wi-Fi Internet
  • Collins Pro Line 21 Advanced with SBAS, LPV & RNP AR 0.3 Capability
  • Bombardier Enhanced Vision System (BEVS) & Head-Up Display (HUD)
  • FANS 1/A+ & Link 2000+ CPDLC, TCAS Change 7.1, ADS-B Out V2
  • 3rd VHF, 3rd IRS, MiniQAR, Honeywell RAAS, Lightning Detection System
  • 10-Passenger Interior with Aft 4-Place Divan & Cockpit Jump Seat

This flight department has been an industry leader since its inception having won Pro-Pilot Magazine’s top honor as Flight Department of the Year twice, they have been awarded NBAA’s Flying Safety Award, they participate in the Corporate Angel Network, have flown many Hurricane Relief flights, they administer a local Hunger Relief Golf Outing for their community raising tens of thousands of dollars annually and they have even flown baby gorillas as a charitable flight for their local zoo (long before they purchased this Challenger 605).  Five members of the flight department have their Corporate Aviation Manager (CAM) certification, every captain has a master’s degree along with many others in the department, the aviation director has been a member of the National Business Aviation Association’s Business Aviation Management Committee for many years and was just replaced by an up and coming member of his department on that committee and so much more.  This company consistently supports continuing education and leadership development for its flight department personnel which helps make them a better safer department that takes even better care of their aviation assets.

As we say often, pedigree matters. How the aircraft was operated and maintained and who a buyer chooses to engage with on the other side of the deal are all important in a transaction.  This aircraft and this seller stand tall above the rest.  You can review complete specifications and lots of photographs here:  Please call us today to discuss this further.  We look forward to speaking with you. 

Mesinger Pulse – “Taking Pedigree to the Next Level”

(This article is a reprint of my February 2020 blog post for Aviation International News’ AINsight series)

In the business aircraft broker community, we bandy about the word pedigree as a badge of honor. We certainly feel as an industry that value is added when the right pedigree is associated with an aircraft offering, including as fewer number of owners since new, location of operation, records kept with keen detail and completeness, who has been maintaining the aircraft, and any history of repairs. These all stack up to create the story around pedigree.

I started to think recently that pedigree needs to be broadened when considering the overall value of a transaction. Just think for a moment of the other direct and indirect players involved. After all, I have always said our business is more about the people than the equipment.

So how should one begin to rate the pedigree of the rest of the participants in a transaction? What weight would you give those participants in a deal structure? With what willingness would you want to bring a great client into a group of people making up the structure of the transaction that might not be good actors? Let’s talk for a minute about the elephant in the room: representation pedigree.

There is a phenomenon that occurs whenever transactions get reduced due to market slowdowns. Many actors who act as brokers and acquisition specialists begin to operate in what can look very unprofessional and create terrible experiences for those involved, given the seriousness of the investments. They should be handled with a seriousness that leaves everyone in the transaction feeling it was a professional, ethical, and transparent process.

Today we are internally beginning to actually rate the representation pedigree along with the aircraft and ownership pedigree. As we stack up aircraft to consider for a client in an acquisition project, we give a score to who is representing the aircraft for sale.

If we know that the character and reputation of the broker is suspect, we might very well take an otherwise capable aircraft for consideration and footnote for our client discussion that reluctance to approach this offering based on what we know could complicate and even destroy a successful acquisition. We also use the same rating system when we are approached by a broker on the buy side that comes to us with an offer on an airplane we have to sell. Never in all my 46 years in this business have we taken this added step to identify what could be a problem transaction, in advance of the problem, just based on the reputation of the person or company representing the other side.

Some of the pitfalls to recognize can be a lack of depth in knowledge of the equipment that is being represented for sale. This occurs when the hired representative does not ever travel to the aircraft they have for sale. They have not read the records or do not even know what records exist.

Another giveaway of a problem transaction could be if the other side asks our side to pay them. Making matters worse, they will not let the requested payment amount be disclosed in a contract. One thing for sure we know from experience is when the other side needs to be paid by our side, they have no real relationship with their side.

And when things get tough in a deal and usually in every deal at some point they do, that person who is not getting paid by their side will have no benefit to the transaction to sort out the rough spots should they occur. Is it just me or is it getting crazier out there?

Falcon 900EX EASy with Winglets S/N 160 N615MS

We are proud to represent for sale on an exclusive basis Falcon 900EX EASy S/N 160.  This is a great, U.S. owned, highly equipped, gorgeous aircraft.  It is based in Denver, CO and under management on an FAR Part 135 charter certificate with Solairus Aviation.  We helped our client purchase this in 2013.  It has been largely maintained by Dassault or Dassault Authorized Service Centers since new.  Our client has a highly-skilled and fastidious full-time Director of Maintenance dedicated to the care of this aircraft.  He takes great pride in not only its excellent mechanical condition, but also its cosmetic condition.  The Dassault Authorized Service Center, Western Aircraft in Boise, ID that performed the 2C Inspection and Gear Overhaul in May 2018, reported that this was one of the cleanest 2C Inspections they had ever accomplished on a Falcon 900EX series aircraft.  During our client’s ownership the aircraft has been extremely reliable.  Our client had the paint and interior fully refurbished and winglets installed at StandardAero in Springfield, IL in 2013, and it still looks and even smells like new.  This Falcon is loaded with safety, operationally beneficent, and cabin comfort upgrades.  Some of the highlights include:

  • Currently Operated & Maintained I/A/W FAR Part 135
  • Very low time for a 2006 Falcon 900EX EASy relative to the fleet
  • Engines & APU Enrolled on Honeywell MSP Gold
  • Enrolled on the Honeywell HAPP Avionics Program
  • Aviation Partners®, Inc. Blended Winglets
  • EASy II Cert 3 with HUD & SVS (Cert 4 On Order)
  • Enhanced NAV with LPV, Automatic Descent Mode (ADM)
  • XM Graphical Weather, Dual Jeppesen Charts
  • Gogo AVANCE™ L5 (4G) & SwiftBroadband High Speed Internet with SDR®
  • ALI Cabin LED Lighting System, Cabin XM Radio & 14 True Blue Dual USB Charging Ports throughout the cabin and cockpit
  • 14 Passenger Configuration with Full Size Jump Seat
  • 2C Inspection & Landing Gear Overhaul Accomplished May 2018

As described, this Falcon 900EX EASy has been outstanding for our client, and it will be a great asset for you or your clients too.  You can review detailed specifications and lots of photographs here:  Please call us today to learn more.  Don’t miss this great aircraft.

Gulfstream G550 S/N 5164 N272BG

We are proud to represent for sale on an exclusive basis 2008 Gulfstream G550 Serial Number 5164.  This is a great condition, highly equipped, programmed, 1 U.S. owner – outstanding pedigree aircraft!  The fifth-generation family-owned company that owns this G550 has had aircraft since the mid-1980s.  Today they have a multiple-aircraft all Gulfstream fleet and a FAA Part 91, IS-BAO Stage 3 first-class flight department.  They have owned, operated and maintained Gulfstreams since the mid-1990s starting with a GIV. 

The company and flight department are “highly safety centric” and spare no expense ensuring they maintain their aircraft to keep them safe and meeting the company’s travel needs.  The flight department’s maintenance team includes a Chief of Maintenance, a dedicated accountable “lead technician” for each aircraft and an additional maintenance technician.  They accomplish some tasks in-house and others at Gulfstream striking a positive balance between complexity, getting fresh eyes on the airplane and frequency of inspections.  Gulfstream in Appleton, WI just completed the 144-Month inspection tasks and Horizontal Stabilizer Inspections on this G550 in January 2020.  The inspections went great without any major issues.

And in our aviation world where personnel movement is common, the members of this flight department stick around.  Their Chief of Maintenance has been with the department for almost 34 years.  The Aviation Director started there in 2003 and was promoted to director in 2014.  And with the exception of new people added to their team in the last few years everyone else also has long tenure.  You only get that kind of department strength in aviation when you have a company and/or airplane owner that believe in what they are doing, support the department allowing them to do what is right to the highest standards, and respect their people. 

Some additional highlights of this G550 S/N 5164 include:

  • 17-Passenger with Aft Galley Cabin Configuration
  • The Engines are on Rolls-Royce CorporateCare® & the APU is on Honeywell MSP Gold
  • The aircraft is also enrolled on the Honeywell MSP Avionics & MSP Mechanical programs
  • Triple FMS with Enhanced Navigation & WAAS/LPV
  • Visual Guidance System (HUD + EVS) & Synthetic Vision
  • ADS-B Out (DO-260B), FANS 1/A –CPDLC, TCAS 7.1
  • Honeywell WINN™ Graphic Weather System & Lighting Sensor System
  • Dual Emergency Vision Assurance System (EVAS®), Micro QAR, RAAS

You can review detailed specifications and lots of photographs on our website here:  Please call us today to learn more, +1-303-444-6766.  We look forward to discussing this with you.

2012 Gulfstream G550 S/N 5386 N5092

We are excited to represent for sale on an exclusive basis an incredible 2012 model Gulfstream G550 S/N 5386.  This aircraft has been owned by one large public company in the United States since it was delivered new in November of 2012.  This seller is a longtime Gulfstream operator, they have a beautiful facility in Oakland, CA and they maintain their aircraft and records to the highest standards.  As you can see from the hour to cycle ratio this aircraft is used for long-range trips; as of January 16, 2020, the aircraft had 4,682 hours and only 976 landings.  We have represented this owner in the sale of three other Gulfstream G550s over the last few years as part of a scheduled fleet transition. They are a great client and seller to work with.  The pedigree of this aircraft, the seller you will engage with, the combination of equipment, good maintenance status and good cosmetics and the smart pricing of this G550 make it an outstanding choice for you or your client.

Some additional highlights of this Gulfstream G550 include:

  • Engines on Rolls-Royce CorporateCare®
  • 12-Passenger Aft Galley with Forward Crew Rest Configuration
  • Triple FMS with Enhanced Navigation & WAAS/LPV
  • Visual Guidance System (HUD II + EVS II) & Synthetic Vision 2.0
  • ADS-B Out (DO-260B), FANS 1/A – CPDLC, TCAS 7.1
  • Dual Emergency Vision Assurance System (EVAS®), Micro QAR, RAAS
  • Honeywell SwiftBroadband® Data with Wi-Fi
  • Aircell Axxess® II Iridium & Honeywell Inmarsat Satcom Systems
  • Enhanced Soundproofing

This aircraft represents a great value and purchasing this G550 will be an easy and enjoyable transaction.  Call us today at +1-303-444-6766 or email us at to learn more.  You can also review detailed specifications about this aircraft on our website at  We look forward to speaking with you!

Mesinger Pulse – “A Rose By Any Other Name”

Like many of my aircraft sales professional friends I had a good number of calls from people who, with days to go in 2019, called to ask, “do we have time to buy a plane yet this year?” They were motivated by either year-end tax benefits, but even more so because they were bombarded by eblasts with subject lines that touted amazing year-end deals. I assured my callers that if these opportunities were not sold by year-end they would not go up in price the next day as we go into the next year. In fact, they could be even better deals.

The callers even suggested that one way to be able to buy so quickly would be to delay a pre-buy inspection to post-closing with the seller putting some money into escrow to cover discrepancies. In a few calls the buyer even suggested no pre-buy at all if the deal were “sweet” enough. To me both of these suggestions were non-starters. In the case of a post-closing pre-buy where a seller may leave money in escrow here are the problems. First, what if during the pre-buy you discover a problem that would make the plane have a huge value loss and by then you own it. For instance, the inspection reveals corrosion in an area with a fix that created a major repair and to compound that created a non-standard reoccurring inspection protocol. Even in a hard deal that set of circumstances would provide an out for the buyer. The next problem would be defining well enough in a contract exactly what will qualify to be paid for out of escrow. The buyer would have lost all their leverage to persuade the seller to cover that rectification once the plane has been purchased. A real recipe for disaster.

The idea of no pre-buy at all, even at some reduced purchase price, can also lead to huge surprises and leave the buyer with a plane that was never contemplated or would have been completely out of the usual and customary method of due diligence and good buying habits. Make no mistake, having a buyer call and suggest an acquisition completed in days is music to my ears, however it is a song that one will quickly tire of.

This process of quick completion can absolutely work with a new aircraft purchase. In that case success can be more certain.

Now back to the title of the article. A rose by any other name. As I mentioned in the opening paragraph one of the motivations for a buyer was the attraction of the pricing based on the subject line saying call now for an amazing year-end deal. One of the companies that were running that subject line at year-end, and there were many companies doing that, started the year with the same plane being advertised only now the subject line read, “call now for New Year amazing deal”.  

So the idea that the year-end deal would be better than the same plane that did not sell at year-end being available one day later is just not a solid reason to cast out smart buying habits and jump into a bad deal by missing the right steps to buy such an expensive asset. Take your time, don’t get lured into short circuiting process and I assure you the net result will be better pricing, eyes wide open process and clear skies.

Want to talk more about a right way, call me. Let’s discuss this. My phone number is 303-444-6766!

Happy New Year and I hope to bump into many of you in person or at least talk soon.

Key Steps to a Successful Aircraft Transaction

A webinar hosted last month by AIN and sponsored by Duncan Aviation and Mesinger Jet Sales gave participants a road map for a successful business aircraft transaction. The hour-long event featured three industry-expert panelists—Keith Swirsky of GKG Law went over timelines, milestones, and pitfalls of transactions; Keith Hayes of PNC Finance covered financing options, critical pathways to get to the finish line with the right financing product to meet the buyer’s tax and operational needs; and Jad Donaldson, aviation director for Harley Davidson Aviation, spoke about what it is like as an operator to source and trust an aviation professional to guide the sales and marketing process with transparency, integrity, and certainty of completing a transaction. Please listen and enjoy!

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