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Mesinger Pulse – Live “What Is In Store For 2019?”

Today we hosted our third Mesinger Pulse – Live event and we want thank everyone who took the time to join us on the call. This will be a regular 10 minute conference call hosted by Mesinger Jet Sales, providing market intelligence for buyers and sellers. The calls are meant to keep participants anonymous and questions are optional. We look forward to hosting many more of these events in the future. If you are interested in being invited please write to and we will be sure to add you to the list.

Gulfstream G650, Serial Number 6336, N235DX

We are proud to exclusively represent Gulfstream G650 Serial Number 6336 for immediate sale.  This aircraft was delivered December 14, 2018, it is based in Coraopolis, Pennsylvania and it will be sold to a buyer with transferable Gulfstream warranties and crew training.  The owner has been a long-time Gulfstream operator and has owned many Gulfstreams over the years.  The aircraft is highly equipped with extensive options including KA-Band Internet, Satellite TV, ADS-B Out, FANS 1/A+ CPDLC, TCAS 7.1, Gulfstream’s Enhanced Vision System II (HUD & EVS), Synthetic Vision and the Gulfstream “Part 135 Compliance Requirements” with the Aft Cabin 135 Crew Rest.  The interior features a forward galley, forward and aft lavatories and four-zone seating section interior configuration.  The colors are warm and rich and the paint and interior are in excellent new condition.  There is no better, lower-priced, “like-new” Gulfstream G650 available for sale in the world and this aircraft is ready for a buyer to put into service today.

Gulfstream says it best, “Innovation and excellence have taken flight in the Gulfstream G650.”  The Gulfstream G650 is an incredibly innovative, graceful, sophisticated, capable large-body long range business aircraft.  With a maximum speed of Mach 0.925 and a range of up to roughly 7,000 nautical miles, passengers can reach all corners of the globe both quickly and comfortably.  The G650 was a clean sheet design for Gulfstream and the first time they changed from their traditional circular fuselage in favor of a larger oval shaped tube.  Gulfstream also considerably increased the size of the cabin windows and lowered the cabin pressure altitude providing a more comfortable flying experience.  The aircraft controls are “fly-by-wire” technology and aircraft surfaces are moved by dual hydraulic systems.  The level of redundancy and sophistication in the systems in this aircraft make it extremely safe and pilot friendly.

Immediately available, highly equipped and featuring a very desirable interior configuration, this beautiful newly delivered U.S. owned aircraft is the best option for any buyer in the world considering purchasing a Gulfstream G650.  Call us today at +1-303-444-6766 or visit our website at to learn more about this incredible aircraft.  We look forward to speaking with you.

Gulfstream G650, Serial Number 6336 – A Beautiful New Aircraft Ready For Immediate Sale

We are proud to represent this newly delivered beautiful Gulfstream G650 Serial Number 6336.  This aircraft delivered in December 2018 to our client based in Pennsylvania and it is ready for immediate sale.  It is very highly equipped with the most desirable options including KA-Band internet.  The aircraft’s configuration maximizes the available space and creates an interior that is exceptionally comfortable and usable.  With a forward galley and sixteen passenger seats certified for take-off and landing divided among four distinct seating sections, five passengers can comfortably sleep and still leave the four-place conference group available for use.  We have had several clients over the years favor the four zone Gulfstream interior design because of the flexibility that it provides.  The forward galley and galley annex also provide the greatest use for both crew and passengers.

Gulfstream’s G650 is one of the most innovative, graceful, sophisticated and capable large-body long range business aircraft in service in the world today.  With a maximum speed of Mach 0.925 and a range of up to 7,000 nautical miles, passengers can reach all corners of the globe with great speed.  The G650 was a clean sheet design and the first time in Gulfstream’s history that they changed from their traditional circular fuselage in favor of a wider oval shaped tube.  The level of redundancy and sophistication in the systems and avionics throughout the aircraft make this an extremely safe and pilot friendly aircraft.  And, the large windows, low cabin pressure altitude, fast speed and other cabin comfort features make this an extremely well-designed passenger aircraft.

Call us today to learn more about this exceptional aircraft opportunity at +1-303-444-6766 or visit our website at  We look forward to speaking with you.

Mesinger Pulse – “Industry Gatherings: Corporate Jet Investor – Gathering #1”

Several articles were written as the year drew to a close, which positioned themselves as being the guiding light for going forward into 2019. Would there continue to be strong demand? Would prices remain firm based on limited supply against the strong demand? Will North America continue to be the leader in transactional activity? All great questions that are often best answered with a crystal ball and non-industry related input rather than trend-based data.

What makes this industry so difficult to predict? Seems there would be plenty of markers to lay out a road map. Our industry is vital to so many corporations and individuals looking to maximize their time and productivity, however, it is susceptible to so many external factors. Global economic activity, oil prices, stock market fluctuations and interest rates. Internally the aviation industry, unlike real estate, faces a lack of transparency related to sale prices, which makes pricing challenging.  We do not have a recordation body that accurately captures selling prices which could add stability to our values. Instead it is a relationship business and we are left to extrapolate value based on anecdotal data and personal real-world experience with our own transactions.  In our company we work very hard to provide an accurate and sophisticated analysis of an aircraft’s value, including historical data, recent sales information and detailed side-by-side comparisons.

These questions are also why industry gatherings are so vital and I am looking so forward to the one taking place in London next week sponsored by Corporate Jet Investor.  It is always great to have the opportunity to get the best and brightest minds together for a couple of days of sharing, collaborating and conceptualizing on the near-term and long-term future of the industry. This gathering in particular, being held in Europe, not only brings many of those from North America together but also the rest of the world. In the two days of panels and speakers each of us is provided rare access to each other, our expertise and each other’s visions.

This is one of many events that take place regionally, globally and locally. NBAA Regional Forums are another set of venues designed to inform and enlighten its participants. Programming at these events typically will include topics on lending, registering, importing, tax and myriad of other relevant topics. In many ways our industry is one of the most unsophisticated sophisticated industries. Not in the area of important gathering events. In this our industry shines.

These events always provide a healthy mix of social and educational scheduling. I know that attending these can be costly and hard to always prioritize into our annual budgets. I must say that reevaluating the expense should be a priority for everyone in 2019. Do not underestimate the real value add of gathering with the best and brightest of your industry peers. Face-to-face discussion and even disagreements about positions create healthy dialog that can leave each participant in the discussion better informed and often more open to the other side of the issue.

Getting access to the manufacturers and meeting them in person can create new friendships that when used correctly going forward will make you even more valuable to your clients as you work your individual transactions. Being able to say to your customer, if stuck in a deal with what may seem like an immovable position, that you may be able to find resolution by being able to simply pick up the phone and call your new friend for help. This is not just a phenomenon that can be helpful from the manufacturer but also with legal log jams or tax questions or broader lending opportunities. Good old fashion networking.

I am sure that once home from the Corporate Jet Investor conference this month and having listened to and socialized with this esteemed group I will be better prepared to answer how 2019 will be. Will demand remain strong? Will prices remain firm? No matter the intelligence gathered we must all always be vigilant to external factors that affect not just our industry but the entire global economy. This global connectedness has never been so reliant on each integral piece of the puzzle.

I always say that until I have wished you Happy New Year it is not too late to still do that. So, Happy New Year and I wish us all continued success and strong friendships and strong learning platforms. I look forward to seeing many of you at one gathering or the other someplace in the world or your neighborhood soon.

AINsight Blog: “Getting Creative with Aging Business Aircraft”

Please read the latest blog post from Jay Mesinger for the AIN weekly blog series AINsight.

Challenger 300 S/N 20309

We are proud to represent on an exclusive basis an incredible 1 U.S.corporate owned 2011 model Challenger 300 Serial Number 20309.  The company that owns this aircraft has been in business for over 100 years and they have had a corporate flight department for the last 20 years.  The flight department is an IS-BAO Stage III 3rd Audit operation. They maintain the aircraft to the highest standards with a proactive no expense spared attitude towards aircraft maintenance, and known problems are fixed immediately;their aircraft never leave for a trip with an open discrepancy.  This Challenger 300 is ProLine 21 Advanced equipped with FANS 1/A CPDLC, ADS-B Out, TCAS 7.1 and WAAS/LPV among many other upgrades including an expensive safety option for anyone flying overseas or to more remote areas, a Hydraulic Motor-Driven Generator Emergency DC Power System.  And, it has very high service bulletin compliance, impeccable records and very good condition paint and interior.  This aircraft is maintained and equipped in a condition that it is ready to take you anywhere in the world at a moment’s notice.

Bombardier started developing the Challenger 300 in 1999 as a“clean-sheet design”.  They delivered the first customer aircraft in 2003 and this has been a very successful product for the company.  There are over 450 Challenger 300s flying around the world and Bombardier is still making the follow up aircraft, the Challenger 350. We have helped clients buy and sell many Challenger 300s over the years and it continues to be an aircraft in high demand by private individuals and companies alike as well as both first-time and seasoned aircraft owners. 

If you’re considering purchasing a Challenger 300, this one should be at the top of your short list. View detailed specifications and lots of photographs on our website at and call us today to learn more.  We look forward to speaking with you.

Mesinger Pulse – “You Gets What You Gets”

I am continually asked about our industry and ethics. In fact, as I participated on a panel at a Corporate Jet Investor conference in Miami last month, Alasdair Whyte asked me directly if our industry has an ethics problem. My short answer was no. I went on to be more specific about what we do have, which is in certain instances a lack of transparency among some players.

It is not just the players in the transaction side of our business by the way. The MRO and repair side of our industry has a few bad apples as well. In fact, when the NBAA created a statement of ethics this year it was generated to address specifically the MRO side of the business. Reputable maintenance and overhaul facilities were tired of some less scrupulous shops offering fees for business. Money, gifts and trips offered to those who could bring big jobs to their shops.

As I began to get more specific about the problem, I segmented our industry across a timeline. In the early days when the concept of brokerage was less prevalent and the dealer side of the transaction segment was more the methodology, the lack of transparency fell along the fee paid to someone to buy one dealer’s plane over the other dealer. This left the value or lack of value of the aircraft less in the crosshairs than did the fee paid.

As time went on and the methodology of the transaction fell more to the brokerage side the advent of the back-to-back transaction came along to add what could be a lack of transparency. That being said, not all back-to-back transactions take place to hide the financial side of a transaction. Some are created to legitimately handle a trade-in.

As I continue to talk to industry players about this topic we keep coming back to the same place. No real barrier to entry for our industry, especially as a consultant or broker. That means anyone who claims they can perform the transactional side of the buy/sell can put up a shingle, or even less, and solicit business. For those who are the end user please beware of those that hold themselves out to be capable of helping. As business gets more difficult it seems more people try to enter our profession.

They offer the exact same services that those of us who have been doing this for years offer. Remember, no barriers to entry. As I used to say anyone with a stack of quarters and a business card can say they are consultants and brokers. Today with cell phones and the internet one does not even need the stack of quarters or the business card.

So, what may be an acceptable barrier to entry? Number of years in the business, number of transactions, and the very best references that can be checked and validated? If you are the prospect, I suggest that one does not bypass this critical due diligence. Remember, if you are about to buy or sell you only get one chance to get it right.

Fee is another area that should be considered. If something sounds too good to be true it probably is. If you think you can really get the service offered by those of us that come to work each day with a capable and knowledgeable team around them to deliver a service that can be relied on stop and think about your own business. Can someone really provide all those promised parts of a successful transaction at a low discounted fee? Doubtful. After all, every cost basis in a transaction has gone up. Airline travel, hotels, meals and salaries. How can anyone who really gets from behind their desk, travels, puts in actual time on a project, and can afford to employ the best do it for less.

This does not mean one should overpay because one of us does not know how to add efficiency and legitimate cost savings to a project. No one needs to reward poor business acumen. The take away of this article is be smart. As a shopper for these services that are vital to a transaction listen, ask questions, check references. Create your own barrier to entry for the person you hire. This is not a buyer or seller beware. This is a great industry. Back to the original question, we do not have an ethics problem. Yes, there may be a very small percentage of people, like in any industry, that do have problems with ethics. If you forget my advice on due diligence, you gets what you gets!

At The Top of a Very Short List – Gulfstream G550, Serial Number 5199, N443M

With almost 600 Gulfstream G550s in service around the world and new ones still delivering, it is clear that Gulfstream hit a home run when they first designed this aircraft in the early 2000s.  Today, there are approximately 24 G550s publicly available representing only roughly 4% of the fleet and when you look at the details of those aircraft you end up with only a few worth considering.  Gulfstream G550, Serial Number 5199 quickly rises to the top of that very short list based on pedigree, maintenance history, equipment and price, not to mention having a great owner/seller behind it.

Over the last decade the majority of new aircraft were sold to buyers outside of North America.  Today, most buyers are in North America.  That means that many of the available G550s, must go through an export and import process making the sale challenging, frustrating, costlier and time consuming.

Gulfstream G550, Serial Number 5199 has been owned by a large public company in the United States since it was new.  This seller has been a longtime Gulfstream operator and they own multiple Gulfstreams.  This sale is part of a planned transition.  They have a beautiful facility in Oakland, CA and they take a no-expense spared approach to the maintenance and care of their aircraft which they operate worldwide.  This G550 is kept in a turn-key condition with upgrades meeting NEXTGEN regulatory compliance requirements and additional safety enhancements like Synthetic Vision 2.0.  The logs and records are impeccable, the 96-month inspection was completed in 2016 and the aircraft looks beautiful.  This will represent a great value to a buyer and it will be an easy and enjoyable transaction.  Call us today at +1-303-444-6766 or email us at to learn more.  You can also review detailed specifications on our website at  We look forward to speaking with you!


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