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Gulfstream G450, Serial Number 4107, N717DX

We are proud to be representing a great Gulfstream G450, Serial Number 4107, Registration Number N717DX for sale.  It has been owned by one large U.S. Company and based in Pittsburgh, PA under the same management since it was new.  It is operated both as a Part 91 aircraft and it is on a Part 135 certificate.  This G450 is equipped with options including Gogo Biz ATG 5000 Broadband Internet with Text & Talk, TCAS 7.1, an upgraded 88 parameter […]

Gulfstream G650, Serial Number 6071

We are proud to exclusively represent Gulfstream G650, Serial Number 6071 for immediate sale.  This aircraft was delivered on May 1, 2014 and it is based in Houston, TX.  It is owned by a U.S. company who has operated business aircraft for more than 85 years.  Block Point 2 and a large number of cabin enhancement mods have been completed and this G650 is well equipped with options.  The interior also features the most highly desired configuration with a forward […]

Global 6000, Serial Number 9444, N688MC

There are over 370 Bombardier Global XRS and Global 6000s in service today and 33 currently publicly available for sale.  Like I just wrote in another post, it doesn’t take long to shrink a long list of 33 available airplanes to a VERY short list of good candidates to consider when you look at pedigree, equipment, maintenance details, cosmetics and price.

We are proud to exclusively represent for immediate sale a 2012 Bombardier Global 6000, Serial Number 9444, Registration Number N688MC.  […]

At The Top of a Very Short List – Gulfstream G550, Serial Number 5173, N401HB

With over 530 Gulfstream G550s in service around the world and new ones still delivering, it is clear that Gulfstream hit a home run when they first designed this aircraft in the early 2000s.  Today, there are approximately 40 G550s publicly available for sale giving buyers a lot of options, but when you look at the details of those aircraft you end up with a very short list of great G550s to consider.  Gulfstream G550, Serial Number 5173, Registration Number […]

ProLine 21 Hawker 800XP, Serial Number 258588, N799S

We are proud to exclusively represent for immediate sale a 2002-year model, Collins ProLine 21 avionic suite Hawker 800XP, Serial Number 258588, Registration Number N799S.  This aircraft has been owned by the same U.S. company since it was new.  They also own another Hawker 800XP and a Gulfstream as well as their own first-class management company and Part 135 Charter certificate all based just outside of Dayton, OH.  The owner maintains this aircraft to the highest standards and they keep […]

2001 Bombardier Challenger 604 S/N 5465, N604FS

Part of the Bombardier Challenger 600 series of aircraft, the Challenger 604 stands out as one of the greatest aircraft success stories in our industry.  The Challenger 604 is part of a long line of great aircraft starting with the Challenger 600 in 1980/1981, evolving through the 601-1A, 601-3A, 601-3R 604 and 605 and Bombardier is currently producing the Challenger 650.  Today there are almost 1,000 Bombardier Challenger 600 series aircraft in active service around the world.

The Challenger 604 was […]

2005 Citation X, Serial Number 239, N910DP

We are proud to exclusively represent for immediate sale Citation X S/N 239, registration number N910DP.  This two (operational) owner aircraft has always been based in the United States, it has been regularly kept in a hangar and predominantly Cessna maintained.  Like all Citation X’s, this one has been a workhorse for its two owners.  In today’s market there are a lot of airplanes that look like good values on the surface.  Dig deeper, however, and you start to see the […]

The Quality Challenge(r)

With so many options to choose from in today’s aircraft markets, it has never been more important as a buyer to critically examine the options in front of you. Not all pre-owned planes are alike when they reach a vintage over fifteen years old. A buyer has to consider operational history, maintenance history, upgrades and reliability when deciding which aircraft will carry them in to the future for years of safe and enjoyable travel. We are representing an aircraft that […]

2009 Falcon 900EX EASy S/N 215, N375SC

We are proud to exclusively represent for immediate sale a 2009 model Falcon 900EX EASy, S/N 215, N375SC.  This is a highly equipped, impeccably maintained, beautiful, 1 U.S. corporate owner aircraft.  The engines have been enrolled with 100% coverage on the JSSI Premium engine maintenance program since new.  The aircraft has been upgraded to EASy II Certification 2 with enhanced avionics, enhanced navigation, LPV and Synthetic Vision.  Additionally, it is NEXTGEN compliant with CPDLC-FANS 1/A, CPDLC-ATN B1, ADS-B Out and […]

Price & Pedigree

You can’t turn back hours on an aircraft just like you can’t turn back miles on a car.  You can, however, help overcome higher total time with price and pedigree.

We are proud to exclusively represent for immediate sale two great Falcon 2000s, Serial Numbers 19 & 31.  Both aircraft have been owned since new by one U.S. Fortune 25 company with an established first-class Part 91 flight department.  They are used to support domestic corporate travel needs where dispatch reliability […]

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