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Gulfstream G450s & Serial Number 4107

Gulfstream G450s follow a long lineage of innovative large body long range aircraft.  Gulfstream started developing the Gulfstream GIV in 1983 with Grumman, they flew its maiden flight on September 19, 1985 and the first Gulfstream GIV entered service in 1987.  In 1993 Gulfstream delivered the first GIV-SP and then in 2004 they delivered the… Read more »

Gulfstream G450 S/N 4098

In December 2013 we completed the sale of Gulfstream G450 S/N 4089 and have now listed its sister-ship Serial Number 4098 for sale.  Throughout the sales process of G450 S/N 4089 our client continuously demonstrated what it means to be an incredible partner in the sales process.  Everyone involved walked away from the transaction happy. … Read more »

Gulfstream G450 Serial Number 4089

I have written about pedigree and first class flight departments before.  I have also written about great aircraft before.  This blog is about both as I want to talk about the Gulfstream G450 S/N 4089 that we recently listed for sale.  When we list any aircraft, our technical director Andy Weibel goes to our client’s… Read more »

A lot of airplane for roughly $5.95M…..

Who would have ever thought you could buy a worldwide capable, large body aircraft with upgraded avionics and communications systems; recent major inspections; full engine, APU and avionics maintenance programs; and good cosmetics for around $5,950,000?  We recently listed Falcon 900B, Serial Number 25, N615MS for sale and it fits that bill.  The asking price… Read more »

Gulfstream G450 – Serial Number 4118

The Gulfstream G450 is the direct descendent of the Gulfstream IV series aircraft; one of the best-selling best-performing business jet models ever created.  The first Gulfstream IV was delivered to a buyer in 1987.  Since then more than 800 GIVs, GIV-SPs and G400s and G450s have been delivered to clients worldwide.  Not only are GIV… Read more »

Dassault Falcon 50EX – Serial Number 332

The first Falcon 50 was delivered by Dassault Falcon in 1980 and the first Falcon 50EX was delivered in 1997.  The Falcon 50 is a French built, super mid-size, long range corporate aircraft with three engines, an advanced wing design and great hot, high and short field performance.  Dassault Falcon is a family company long… Read more »

Falcon 900EX, Serial Number 92, N921WC

Dassault Falcon Jet delivered the first Falcon 900 aircraft in 1986.  Since then, they have delivered more than 450 Falcon 900 series aircraft worldwide.  They are known for their global service, support and 3-engine reliability, and they are one of the world’s greatest internationally capable and most fuel efficient large body corporate aircraft. According to… Read more »

Global Express S/N 9110, N906JW

I am writing today from roughly 38,000 feet crossing the Atlantic coming home from Warsaw Poland.  I just spent the last several days looking at Global Express, Serial Number 9110, N906JW.  We have been hired to represent it for sale.  This is actually the second time we have represented this Aircraft for sale.  The last… Read more »

Gulfstream G200 Serial Number 115

The Gulfstream G200 was originally called the “Astra Galaxy” and first built by Galaxy Aerospace, a subsidiary of Israel Aircraft Industries.  The first flight of a Galaxy occurred on December 25, 1997 and the aircraft was certified by the American and Israeli aviation agencies in December 1998.  In June 2001 Gulfstream acquired Galaxy Aerospace and… Read more »

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