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Mesinger Pulse – “The Sign Says We Are Open For Business, But Are We?”

Every week I join two or three web events. I now know what
everyone’s home office, kitchen and living rooms look like. I know what
everyone’s favorite casual or Tommy Bahama shirts look like. I know what we
each look like with beards, mustaches and longer hair. I think we are all
itching to get back to work.

The topics of the events are all pretty much the same. What
is happening in our respective businesses and how do we feel about our current
and near-term […]

Mesinger Pulse – “Heightened Level of Sensitivity”

There are so many articles that I am receiving about the
impact of COVID-19 on every facet of our daily lives. I do not want to distract
or add to those very important bits of input. I do want to create a dialog that
takes all of these impacts and relates it to us and our industry. This set of
events is monumental. There is a word for this type of event that catches us
all off guard. It is called an exogenous change. In […]

Mesinger Pulse – “Taking Pedigree to the Next Level”

(This article is a reprint of my February 2020 blog post for Aviation International News’ AINsight series)

In the business aircraft broker community, we bandy about the word pedigree as a badge of honor. We certainly feel as an industry that value is added when the right pedigree is associated with an aircraft offering, including as fewer number of owners since new, location of operation, records kept with keen detail and completeness, who has been maintaining the aircraft, and any […]

Mesinger Pulse – “A Rose By Any Other Name”

Like many of my aircraft sales professional friends I had a
good number of calls from people who, with days to go in 2019, called to ask, “do
we have time to buy a plane yet this year?” They were motivated by either year-end
tax benefits, but even more so because they were bombarded by eblasts with
subject lines that touted amazing year-end deals. I assured my callers that if
these opportunities were not sold by year-end they would not go up in price the
next […]

Mesinger Pulse – “Buy a Plane to Keep It”

Unless you are in the business of buying and selling
aircraft, the title of this article seems obvious. But does the reality of the
title play out in all cases? It is not unusual for a prospective buyer to ask
when considering an aircraft to purchase, “what will this plane be worth in a
year if I elect to sell it?” That is not such a bad question. However, that
question often turns into a reality during a buyer’s first year of ownership
for a myriad […]

Mesinger Pulse – “Thanksgiving is Coming and There is a Lot to be Thankful For”

One of my very favorite holidays and thus personal annual
milestones is Thanksgiving. Not a religious experience just a major family
experience. As we sit around our Thanksgiving table as a ritual, we will go
around to all of the guests to hear what they are thankful for.  For me personally it marks a chance to reflect
on another year that hopefully personally is still going strong, which I’m
happy to say this year it is. Now let’s look at it, as I also do, […]

Mesinger Pulse – “Do Changing Market Conditions Change Any Dynamics in the Aircraft Brokerage World?”

The idea of market conditions changing for the new and
pre-owned valuation proposition of aircraft is not a new discussion. We operate
in a very dynamic environment. For the more than 45 years I have been buying
and selling aircraft for clients we have seen Sellers markets shift to Buyers
markets, then back again. We have seen balanced markets and some dramatic
shifts precipitated by geopolitical and global economic calamities.

These shifts all deal with the value of the aircraft. I
thought it might be interesting […]

Mesinger Pulse – “Fleet Transitions Are Alive And Well”

There are several true indicators of the health of our
market. I have always pointed to the First-Time Buyer as an important one.
After all, why in the world would anyone buy into an unhealthy market space. If
residual loss rates are tumbling, why buy? Stability is a key factor in attracting
a first-time buyer. Another very important indicator of the health of our
industry is the Fleet Transition.

We have been very fortunate over the years, as have many of
my fellow sales professionals, to […]

Mesinger Pulse – “Creating Confidence and Sustainability in Our Aircraft Market”

Funny what a slight shift in supply and demand can do to a
marketplace. In 2018 supply was so thin that finding a plane for a client was
never a slam dunk and keeping our clients from getting frustrated by the
process was an art in and of itself. There was even what could be called an
outright “Frenzy” in the market. Thank goodness that frenzy did not culminate
in premiums being paid. But it did make pricing more robust, and in many
categories, there was […]

Mesinger Pulse – “Thoughts From A New Experience”

I just returned from the Milken Institute Global Conference in Los Angeles, CA. I am not sure
I have ever had that kind of experience before. It was a list of global who’s
who, speaking on topics that were geopolitical, financial, services, and on and
on, though no political slant or other biases were obvious. Having a list of
speakers and panelists like this conference gathered then attracted the
unbelievable list of attendees who were actually no less impressive than those
on stage speaking. When you […]

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