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Mesinger Pulse – “Right Pricing, Wrong Offering”

There used to be a sentiment among sellers that if there are no buyers, why lower your price? That used to be a fair question in 2009. Today there are buyers, albeit mostly in North America. So that old adage is not a sound reason to not truly identify Right Pricing. As you look at the number of days on the market, most planes are approaching 180 days or even longer. I have never received a blue ribbon from anyone […]

Mesinger Pulse – “Where Does An Aircraft Broker Add Value? Or Not!”

I promise this article is not meant to be self-serving but having been an aircraft broker for 43 years and interacting daily with other terrific professionals I do think it is a topic that is important and that I am capable of speaking about.

Aircraft sales professionals are hired by owners and sellers to successfully market and sell their aircraft. I compete in this arena daily. I, like many of you reading this, often lose a listing opportunity to others who […]

Mesinger Pulse – “If It Were Easy…”

I was talking the other day with the Director of Maintenance for a client of ours. We had just completed a successful sale of a large-body aircraft for their group and we were dissecting the event. As all who are reading this know there are many identifiable parts and pieces to a transaction, including legal, operational considerations, and the aircraft. Even with the aircraft related pieces it all comes down to the people. As I always say, if it were […]

Mesinger Pulse – “My Clients Are Rich”

Well that was probably an attention-grabbing headline to this month’s newsletter. They say money can’t buy you love, it surely can’t buy health, but it can buy you a richness of life. I was speaking to a very old client of mine last week. By the way he is not old, our relationship goes back a long time. We were talking about the sale of his current aircraft. He was lamenting about values and then made a very interesting pivot. […]

Mesinger Pulse – “Now You See It, Now You Don’t”

I promise this is not going to be an article about magic tricks or sleight of hand. This is going to be an article about tangible pricing that you could have seen just a few months ago, that now has disappeared. It did not disappear only to reappear in a later part of the show. Unfortunately, in most cases because our markets are still unstable, the next price you see will almost always be less than the last price. I […]

Mesinger Pulse – “The Financial Impact of a Non-Standard Configuration”

This is a tricky one. Depending on the total available inventory and active buyers at the time of selling a plane with a non-standard interior configuration the financial impact can be more or less significant. I thought I would take this article to point out some of the areas of valuation we as aircraft professionals as well as appraisers of our industry deal with.

A non-standard configuration could be better described as a less popular configuration in relation to the entire […]

Mesinger Pulse – “Animal Spirits – Trust and Confidence in the Economy”

In 1936 the economist and author John Maynard Keynes, wrote a book entitled The General Theory of Employment, in which he coined the term, “Animal Spirits”, which was used to describe human emotions that drive consumer confidence. It also generates human trust in economic conditions. One could say that before there can be a better economy there must be a trust and then a confidence that will drive that.

I have seen several articles written and surveys taken since the presidential […]

Mesinger Pulse – “Still More Questions Than Answers – 2016 Globetrotting”

During this past year, our Pulse Newsletter has touched on many topics mostly related to aircraft residual loss rates and accurate valuation conclusions. I have circled the globe speaking to audiences and reporting on our industry’s current challenges and realities, including at the 2015 Abu Dhabi Air Expo in December, the 2016 ABACE in Shanghai, 2016 EBACE in Geneva, the NBAA Regional Forum in White plains and of course NBAA 2016 BACE in Orlando. We are also privileged to be […]

Mesinger Pulse – “Empirical Data is the New Spaghetti at the Wall”

As our industry has evolved over the years, so much has changed and yet so much has remained the same, until now. I believe that this great industry that we all work in has struggled for years over the best way to accurately capture residual loss and valuation of our fleet. We have so many moving parts to this equation that are only growing more complex. What started out as an industry based on handshakes, guess work and the idea […]

Mesinger Pulse – “Witticisms”


My days are spent going from one client/prospect call to the other and you can only imagine the depth of great wisdom about business, global politics and personal philosophy I am fortunate enough to absorb. However, some of my favorite takeaways from the calls are the witticisms I hear. They are often times priceless. I want to share a few of them with you in this month’s newsletter as well as the context with which they were expressed. They of […]

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