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Mesinger Pulse – Setting a Selling Price That Means Business

I know you all have seen the same banner headlines that I have: “Next to Sell!”, “Owner wants this plane gone!”, “Drastic Price Reduction!”. They go on and on with catchy one liners. Is there a rule that first a plane must be put on the market, then some number of days later the seller lowers their price if not once then many times, then the plane gets attention and then and only after all of that it sells? No, […]

Mesinger Pulse – The Aviation Business Pendulum

Many global economic factors have shifted the business aircraft activity primarily back to North America. I have been talking and writing for the last year about these Global economic shifts of the emerging markets. The lower price of oil, the sanctions placed on Russia for their incursion into Ukraine, anti-corruption laws in China and economic stagnation in Europe.

Why is North America so strong? A myriad of factors including business growth, increased confidence in the economy and a basic return to […]

Mesinger Pulse – Too Much, Too Little, Too Late, Just In Time

If you are reading this article you have either bought or sold a plane in the past, planning to buy or sell or are currently buying or selling. You might also be an aircraft sales professional who has been engaged to buy or sell on behalf of a client. If any of these are the case, this article is written for you.

A lack of stability in markets always brings out the most interesting approaches and opportunistic challenges in the valuation […]

Mesinger Pulse – We Are Not Happy Until You Are Not Happy

Have you ever felt like that is the slogan for some service providers in the world? Do you feel like some work and work at making you unhappy rather than happy? As if they come to their job every day just to make their customers mad! Believe it or not I wonder if some owners and sellers of business aircraft think those of us who price aircraft for sale subscribe to this belief.

In today’s world of high supply and shrinking […]

Mesinger Pulse – As a Buyer How Should You Try to Influence the Price?

Everyone likes to have a hand in influencing the purchase price of an aircraft. The Sellers always want to point to a rebounding market. They are focused on their particular aircraft’s pedigree and mechanical integrity and always see the glass as half full. The Buyers are always focused on the high supply and lower demand, and are quick to point out that given the high supply, pedigree and mechanical integrity are abundant and might not add as much value as […]

Mesinger Pulse

Jay Mesinger CEO/President
Mesinger Jet Sales

“Writing my articles for the last 18 years has provided me an opportunity to give back to an industry that has given so much to myself and my family.” -Jay Mesinger, President/CEO, Mesinger Jet Sales

Boulder, Colorado- “MESINGER PULSE”, A monthly newsletter to be published by Jay Mesinger, Mesinger Jet Sales.

After writing monthly for aviation publications for many years, Mesinger has decided to broaden its readership and self-publish this new monthly article. The article will draw […]

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