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Ramp Weight LBS: 17,200
Take Off Weight: 17,000
Landing Weight: 15,300
Zero Fuel Weight: 13,000
BOW: 11,100
Fuel Cap/lbs/std. 4,124
Useful Load 5,000
Payload with Full Fuel 1,526
Maximum Payload 2,400
NBAA IFR Fuel Reserves 1,190
Max Range Full Fuel 1395
Power Plant
Manufacturer GARRETT
Model TFE731-2
Thrust 3,500 LBS.
FAR 36 Noise Levels
T/Off EPNDB 81.0
Sideline 87.4
Approach 87.0
Meets Stage 3 Restrictions YES
VMC Ground 100
VMC Air 87
V2 118
VREF 110
Pressure Differential Psi 9.4
Sea Level Cabin to Ft 25,700
Cabin @ Max. Cert. Alt. 8,000
Seats Crew 2
Passengers (Typical) 6
Passengers (Maximum) 9
Vol. - Total Pass Cabin Cu Ft 268
Baggage Total 40
Internal % 100
Length 48.8
Hight 12.3
Wing Span 43.9
Main Door Size INCH 50x36
Rate of Climb  
All Engines FT/MIN 5,480
One Engine Out 1,890
Initial Cruise Alt Ft. 45,000
Max Cert. Alt. 51,000
Time to Init Cruise Alt Min. 24
Engine Out Ceiling (mid weight)Ft. 31,200
Cruise Speed (KTAS)-Norm/LR 458/418
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