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Embraer Legacy 500, Serial Number 55000021, N725EE

We are proud to represent for sale on an exclusive basis on behalf of Embraer their demonstrator aircraft – a highly equipped, like-new condition 2017 Legacy 500 Serial Number 55000021, Registration Number 725EE.  This aircraft has only approximately 450 hours total time and it has always been operated and maintained exclusively by Embraer.  This opportunity represents the best value in the market of any Legacy 500 available for sale today.

  • Delivered to a buyer on MSP Gold for the engines and APU and Embraer Executive Care Enhanced for the airframe,
  • It looks like it is new and Embraer is installing new carpet and new fabric on the divan now,
  • It is being sold with two pilot training slots,
  • The warranty start date was June 6, 2017 and the remaining warranty is transferable,
  • It is ADS-B Out (DO-260B) compliant,
  • It is loaded with optional equipment including Paperless Operation Capability, Triple VHF Com Transceivers, Dual HF Com Systems with SELCAL, an ADF Receiver, Datalink Graphical Weather, Surface Management System, Gogo Biz and SwiftBroadband High Speed Data Systems, Autobrakes, a Galley-to-Cabin Pocket Door and much more, and
  • While it is like-new, the sale price will represent a significant discount relative to a new one.

The Legacy 500 was designed based on Embraer’s Incredible 40+ year history of successfully developing, certifying and manufacturing aircraft.  I have spent time with sales people from Embraer walking around a 500.  The amount of thought and detail that went into this design to deliver a very reliable and easy to maintain aircraft is incredible.  Just a few of the highlights of the Legacy 500s are:

  • It is the only medium-cabin jet fully designed in the 21st century,
  • It is the only jet in its category with Full Digital Flight Controls (Full Fly-by-Wire) – I have spoken to many pilots who have flown the Legacy 500 and other fly-by-wire aircraft and they consistently report how well designed the system in the Legacy 500 is,
  • It has a flat floor, a wet galley and a vacuum toilet – a combination of features not found in other mid and super mid-size aircraft,
  • A roughly 6,000’ cabin altitude at 45,000’,
  • Excellent runway performance, and
  • It is equipped with autothrottles and synthetic vision as standard equipment.
  • You can find complete details and pictures of the Legacy 500 Serial Number 55000021 on our website at  http://jetsales.com/jets/2017-embraer-legacy-500-sn-55000021/ and you can call or email us at +1-303-444-6766 or sales@jetsales.com to learn more.  Don’t miss this incredible Legacy 500 opportunity.  We look forward to hearing from you.



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