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Gulfstream G650, Serial Number 6336 – A Beautiful New Aircraft Ready For Immediate Sale

We are proud to represent this newly delivered beautiful Gulfstream G650 Serial Number 6336.  This aircraft delivered in December 2018 to our client based in Pennsylvania and it is ready for immediate sale.  It is very highly equipped with the most desirable options including KA-Band internet.  The aircraft’s configuration maximizes the available space and creates an interior that is exceptionally comfortable and usable.  With a forward galley and sixteen passenger seats certified for take-off and landing divided among four distinct seating sections, five passengers can comfortably sleep and still leave the four-place conference group available for use.  We have had several clients over the years favor the four zone Gulfstream interior design because of the flexibility that it provides.  The forward galley and galley annex also provide the greatest use for both crew and passengers.

Gulfstream’s G650 is one of the most innovative, graceful, sophisticated and capable large-body long range business aircraft in service in the world today.  With a maximum speed of Mach 0.925 and a range of up to 7,000 nautical miles, passengers can reach all corners of the globe with great speed.  The G650 was a clean sheet design and the first time in Gulfstream’s history that they changed from their traditional circular fuselage in favor of a wider oval shaped tube.  The level of redundancy and sophistication in the systems and avionics throughout the aircraft make this an extremely safe and pilot friendly aircraft.  And, the large windows, low cabin pressure altitude, fast speed and other cabin comfort features make this an extremely well-designed passenger aircraft.

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