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2010 Gulfstream G550 S/N 5261 N780F – SOLD

Gulfstream G550 S/N 5261 Registration Number N780F has been operated since new by one U.S. Fortune 50 company with a well-established, first-class, Part 91, IS-BAO Stage 3 flight department.  This aircraft supports the company’s global corporate travel needs where dispatch reliability and safety are mission critical. 

This G550 was designed for long-range travel with one or two executives, although this configuration would work equally well for a family or private individual.  To best support this company’s mission, they regularly conduct their long-range flights with a third pilot, a flight attendant and occasionally even a maintenance tech.  The forward cabin can be closed off from the middle and aft cabins providing extra crew space in addition to the crew rest area while providing the passenger(s) extensive space to work and relax.  This operator has found that this configuration, different from a divided aft cabin, provides the greatest flexibility and comfort to all passengers and crew as they circle the globe.  Additionally, the workstation in the middle cabin can be easily swapped out in a hangar with a single aft facing club seat (the operator has the extra seat and it will go with the aircraft).  And, when they do load up the aircraft with more passengers this interior configuration provides great space to divide into groups for separate meetings while in route to their destination (or for a family the kids could stay in the divided forward section while the adults have the entire rest of the cabin to spread out and relax).

This operator has an incredibly capable and sophisticated in-house maintenance team and their own 145 repair station license.  They perform a lot of the smaller maintenance in-house and larger inspections have been done at Gulfstream. 

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