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A Turn-Key Opportunity

I am writing this post from a customer office at the Bombardier service center in Hartford, CT on Saturday morning.  I was supposed to fly to Geneva today for this year’s EBACE Convention (European Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition).  Unfortunately, I have cancelled my trip.  Fortunately, I am proud to say that I cancelled it for all the right reasons.  I am at Bombardier to prepare for the closing of the sale of a Lear 45 on Monday and this coming week I have several showings on different aircraft that we are representing for sale including a Gulfstream V, a Global Express and a Falcon 900EX.  So we are dividing and conquering to get everything done and my father will go to EBACE this time without me and I will attend the showings and other work here.  Things are busy and it feels good!

I did not, however, sit down to specifically just write about what I am doing or where I am.  I do want to write and share some thoughts about a unique and interesting turn-key opportunity that we are currently representing for sale.  We are selling a Falcon 900B, Serial Number 42.  It is a great aircraft with 8,630 hours, MSP Gold on the engines, it is well equipped and the cosmetics are in very good condition.  The records are complete and original and thorough.  The aircraft has very high service bulletin compliance and it has no known major damage history.

The aircraft is also on a “10 or more” Part 135 Certificate (number YVBA768J).  The certificate was built by the flight department and the aircraft and certificate can be sold individually or together. This is the only aircraft on the certificate.  Even more, the whole flight department including a Director of Operations/Chief Pilot, a Captain and a Director of Maintenance who have been operating and maintaining the aircraft for several years would love to be hired by a buyer and continue to run this turn-key operation.  The aircraft and the flight department are based in White Plains, NY and the certificate is operated under the jurisdiction of the Farmingdale, NY FSDO.  There is even an existing charter client base.   You can learn more about the aircraft on my website at https://www.jetsales.com/inventory/Falcon900B-SN-42.html and you can learn more about the flight department, crew and charter operation on their website at www.bresnanaviation.com.

It is not often that we get to sell such an exciting unique turn-key operation like this one.  For someone in the New York/Northeast area this is a great opportunity.  For other prospective buyers anywhere else in the world, this is a great aircraft.  The owners are equally motivated to sell the aircraft alone or the complete turn-key package.  They understand the current market conditions.  We know the competitive aircraft available for sale, we are familiar with other recent transactions and the owners are ready to sell this aircraft at the right fair market value.

It was this complete opportunity that I wanted to write about today.  The more I think about it, the more exciting it can be for the right buyer.  But, as I said, it is also a great aircraft and the owners are equally motivated to sell the whole package or just the aircraft.

For all of you who will be in Geneva this week for EBACE, I hope you have a successful week and a great show this year.  I’ll miss being there.

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