Accountability - Mesinger Jet Sales


Buzzwords often get overused.  “Team” is one of those words that I keep hearing a lot lately.  I believe in team work.  Our company can be considered a team.  We work together on all of our projects.  This approach adds considerably more value for our clients’ sales and acquisition projects than if each broker in our company were working independently.  Each of us fulfills a different role adding different value and insight.  But, each member is also responsible and accountable for their individual tasks and ultimately, one of us takes the final responsibility for all of our work for each client.  One of us is the accountable project lead.  It is this deliberate strategic approach to our work that makes our teamwork successful.

The working relationships that we have with each of our clients are based on accountability.  We only represent buyers or sellers who hire us on an exclusive basis and they pay our commissions directly.  We never take title to aircraft.  We never accept payment from anyone other than our clients.  And, we do not pay anyone else anything in a transaction.  This process allows for 100% transparency in our sales and acquisition work and it aligns our interests with our clients.  Because our clients only hire us in this formal way memorializing our relationship, it also demands that we are accountable to our clients to deliver what we promise. That is why even though we work as a team, one of us is the accountable project lead.  One of us always takes ownership of the project and is the final accountable team member that can stand in front of our client to look them in the eyes and take responsibility for delivering on what we promised we would do.  Establishing a relationship that demands accountability and then delivering on the promises that we make builds trust and leads to successful sales and acquisition projects and long-term relationships.

Teamwork is a great thing, but teams and projects are only successful when they have responsible and accountable team members and a team leader.

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