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Aircraft Ownership Lifecycle Podcast

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Here is a link to Jay Mesinger’s appearance on the episode: “A Look Back at 2020 and Ahead at 2021”

Jay Mesinger: A Look Back at 2020 and Ahead at 2021 (

Jay Mesinger, CEO of Mesinger Jet Sales, provides his thoughts on how things evolved during 2020, amid a pandemic, a national election, and their combined effect on our nation’s economy. We also asked Jay to give us his thought about how 2021 might shape up. Areas covered include:

  • Interest in an aircraft acquisition from first time buyers.
  • Market trends based on fourth quarter sales.
  • How did the US national election affect buyer views and actions during 2020.
  • How is 2021 shaping up, and what might be expected this year.
  • Possible tailwinds and headwinds that could help or hinder business aviation.
  • How might interest in private flying change once the COVID vaccine has been made available.
  • Lessons learned as a result of the pandemic.

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