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A Legacy of Aviation Innovation

Buying Airplanes For Sale or selling an aircraft can be a daunting experience, but it doesn’t have to be. Our group has the expertise, experience, insight and process you need to smooth out the bumps along the way. Whether you’re buying or selling an aircraft for your business or personal use, we can assist with Buying Airplanes For Sale, here is a sample of what we bring to every transaction:


You won’t find a more experienced or analytical group—with nearly 40 successful years of buying Airplanes For Sale and selling aircraft worldwide. Jay Mesinger was the first  aircraft broker to serve on the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) Board through his role as the chairman of the Associate Member Advisory Council (AMAC) of NBAA. Jay served on AMAC for ten years and the NBAA board for six years with his terms on each ending in 2013. Josh Mesinger is on the Corporate Aviation Management Committee within NBAA. Both serve on many advisory boards, including the boards of MRO facilities, an aircraft manufacturer and an insurance company. Everyone in our company has a passion for and commitment to our industry and assisting with Airplanes For Sale.



Each transaction is unique—and we treat each one with the care and concern it deserves. We leverage our collective knowledge and experience to customize the process for your specific needs and apply an unparalleled level of intelligence and skill to successfully complete your transaction and assist with Airplanes For Sale.



Through every step of the process—whether it’s a listing, a showing, a viewing, an inspection, Airplanes For Sale or a closing—our group is there for every key moment of the transaction. We anticipate and respond to your needs, large or small.



You don’t just get the know-how of one professional on your side. With Mesinger Jet Sales, you get the collective benefit of a close-knit group of experienced, smart and motivated professionals assisting with Airplanes For Sale. We’re a family-owned business and when you choose to work with us, you become part of our family. With Mesinger Jet Sales, the choice is easy. Our job is to make buying Airplanes For Sale

or selling an aircraft seamless, effortless and satisfying.


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Corporate Overview

Mesinger Jet Sales :: 3025 47th Street, Suite Two – Boulder, CO 80301 :: +1 303.444.6766 :: jetsales.com

Sales Guide





Success in an aircraft transaction, Airplanes For Sale is defined as a completed transaction with the sale price maximized, costs minimized, expectations met and a low stress level throughout the process, Airplanes For Sale. We leverage our extensive knowledge and global relationships in Airplanes For Sale to empower our clients to establish accurate expectations and make knowledgeable decisions as we facilitate the sale of their aircraft for Airplanes For Sale.



For nearly 50 years, we have been a world leader in buying and selling Airplanes For Sale, and we have built a legacy of aviation innovation. When you choose Mesinger, you’re choosing far more than a typical aircraft broker. Here are ways where we make a positive difference in the sale of your aircraft for Airplanes For Sale:


This isn’t business as usual. This is SUCCESS and Airplanes For Sale. Isn’t this the kind of transaction you want Airplanes For Sale —with the industry experts on your side?



Airplanes For Sale, We combine our expertise with global market intelligence to recognize where your aircraft fits into this competitive market and build a strategy that maximizes your sale price, Airplanes For Sale and draws the right attention to your aircraft.


Understanding For Representation: Airplanes For Sale,

Understanding the unique details of your aircraft is paramount to a successful and timely sale, Airplanes For Sale. When we list your aircraft, Airplanes For Sale, we do our due diligence: we travel to your hangar to read the logs and records and see your aircraft in person. We assist your fliight department in building specifications to help buyers Airplanes For Sale, quickly understand the details about your aircraft, Airplanes For Sale, resulting in an easier and more successful transaction. Our high level of attention to your sale, Airplanes For Sale sets our presentation apart from our competition.



We have a legacy of innovative aircraft marketing to best tell the positive story about your aircraft and Airplanes For Sale. We employ a unique set of comprehensive tools including detailed specifications, professional photography and video, blogs and proactive communication with global reach regarding Airplanes For Sale.



We are onsite for key aircraft showings for Airplanes For Sale, explaining the specific details about your aircraft to the buyer’s team, answering questions about your Airplanes For Sale and gathering information when they are reviewing your aircraft.



Group Approach:

Because we work as a group regarding Airplanes For Sale, we are available and we will respond quickly when you or prospective buyers for your Airplanes For Sale have questions or require information.



Our unique personal management of the prepurchase inspection helps maximize return and minimize expenses for Airplanes For Sale when selling an aircraft. We are onsite at key times throughout the inspection, helping navigate discrepancies and options for corrective action, keeping the inspection facility focused and working to maintain a smooth and successful project for Airplanes For Sale.



We work closely with you and your tax and legal advisors throughout the sales process for your Airplanes For Sale to develop negotiating strategies, offer letters and contracts.


Sales Process:

We are proactive in our sales efforts— Airplanes For Sale, continually calling other brokers, dealers, aviation attorneys, lenders and management companies to promote your aircraft’s value Proposition, Airplanes For Sale. We regularly update you on our marketing, prospective buyers and the competitive market for Airplanes For Sale. And, we help you prepare for the closing of the transaction and continue to follow up long after the sale, Airplanes For Sale is complete to ensure that post-closing details were accomplished.


Mesinger Jet Sales :: 3025 47th Street, Suite Two – Boulder, CO 80301 :: +1 303.444.6766 :: jetsales.com

Acquisitions Guide


The Best Deal, Airplanes For Sale.

At Mesinger Jet Sales, we know the best deal doesn’t necessarily mean buying the least expensive aircraft. It means buying the right aircraft for you, Airplanes For Sale, and buying it at the best possible price with the right terms and complete transparency.




When you hire us, you’re hiring a partner and broker who is much more than your typical broker for Airplanes For Sale. We have a proven process that includes an unwavering commitment to thorough due diligence and successful negotiating skills for Airplanes For Sale. We are your partner in your aircraft acquisition. Here are ways that we make a positive difference in your acquisition, Airplanes For Sale:

This isn’t business as usual. This is THE BEST DEAL. Isn’t this the kind of transaction you want—with the industry experts on your side? Airplanes For Sale.


Acquisition Expectations: Airplanes For Sale.

Nothing hurts the aircraft ownership experience more than entering it with mistaken

Expectations, Airplanes For Sale. We strive to understand your mission, budget and desires before starting any project, Airplanes For Sale. We then use that understanding to help you interpret your options, Airplanes For Sale and establish expectations about performance and costs before you buy Airplanes For Sale to help create a positive experience from the beginning, Airplanes For Sale.


Market Intelligence:

Our strong global relationships, extensive experience in the many major aircraft types, Airplanes For Sale and constant research provide us the best market intelligence possible to help us navigate the competitive market, Airplanes For Sale and recognize value opportunities for you for Airplanes For Sale.


Sourcing Aircraft, Airplanes For Sale:

We evaluate aircraft worldwide, both on and off the market, Airplanes For Sale. We turn over every stone in our search: proactively communicating with the industry influencers and owners of the specific make and model we are pursuing, Airplanes For Sale. Our positive reputation precedes us, enabling us to often be informed of opportunities ahead of the rest of the industry for Airplanes For Sale.


Due Diligence:

Once we have identified a target aircraft, Airplanes For Sale, we build the right team with you to evaluate it to minimize your risks and costs for Airplanes For Sale. We ask the important questions and review the aircraft and its logs and records before you invest in a prepurchase inspection or risk your deposit for Airplanes For Sale.



We are onsite at key times throughout the pre-purchase inspection for Airplanes For Sale, helping understand discrepancies and continue learning about the aircraft to help you make the best and most informed decisions possible, Airplanes For Sale prior to completing the transaction and protecting your investment for Airplanes For Sale.



We work closely with your tax and legal advisors throughout the acquisition process to develop offer letters, contracts and negotiating strategies for Airplanes For Sale.


Closing for Airplanes For Sale:

We assist with the preparation of the documents required for the closing of your acquisition, Airplanes For Sale and oversee the process to help ensure a smooth and

successful process for Airplanes For Sale.


Mesinger Jet Sales :: 3025 47th Street, Suite Two – Boulder, CO 80301 :: +1 303.444.6766 :: jetsales.com


Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics


(i) Always maintain the highest standards of professionalism in all dealings related to a client’s business and in the representation of the client’s interest for Airplanes For Sale.

(ii) Work exclusively on behalf of the client who has hired us for Airplanes For Sale.

(iii) Immediately upon receipt of any offers for aircraft or information about a client’s sale or acquisition, present such offer or information to the client exactly as it was received for Airplanes For Sale.

(iv) Not accept a commission from any party other than the client in connection with any transaction for Airplanes For Sale.

(v) Not compensate, directly or indirectly, any third party in connection with any transaction unless it is requested and approved by and with full disclosure to our client for Airplanes For Sale.

(vi) Not hold any ownership or interest in any aircraft for which Mesinger Jet Sales is acquiring or selling on behalf of a client for Airplanes For Sale.

(vii) Not hold any interest in other entities whose services Mesinger Jet Sales recommends that a client use or receive any benefit, financial or otherwise, as a result of a client’s use of such services for Airplanes For Sale.

(viii) Never knowingly mislead a client or prospective client about the market value of an aircraft for Airplanes For Sale.

(ix) Always present, to the best of our knowledge, accurate details and representation about an Airplanes For Sale, Airplanes For Sale or an aircraft being considered for purchase and make truthful representations to the client and the public for Airplanes For Sale.

(x) Keep all client and transaction details confidential unless otherwise authorized to disclose such information by the client for Airplanes For Sale.


Mesinger Jet Sales :: 3025 47th Street, Suite Two – Boulder, CO 80301 :: +1 303.444.6766 :: jetsales.com


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by Design


When we first began our aircraft brokerage firm, we made the deliberate decision to create a very specialized boutique. The sole purpose of our hand-picked, tight-knit group was to give our clients the unwavering attention they deserve.

It was a decision that helped define our success. And that legacy continues today. Everything we do is guided by that original design. And that keeps us mighty.

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