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Being proactive….

It is easy to think that the ads that we run, listings on AMSTAT and JETNET, emails we send out and postings on websites are all of the aircraft marketing that we need to do in order to sell our clients aircraft.  When we rely strictly on those venues we end up being only reactive.  But, why shouldn’t we.  Can’t we expect that if a broker or attorney is working with an aircraft buyer that they will review those venues to find the available offerings for their clients?   

I often try to work through a list of approximately 80 brokers, dealers, lenders and attorneys with proactive phone calls.  It is nice to stay in touch with my friends and respected peers in the business.  More importantly, it allows me to tell them about new listings, changes in motivations and trends in the market.  And, I can learn the same from my contacts.  I often find many brokers and other influencers who are talking to prospective buyers, but who because they are busy have not had a chance to search the markets.  With a short discussion I get an opportunity to point out the value and advantages my clients’ aircraft represent in their respective markets.  In a series of calls I also find that I regularly have an opportunity to connect two other brokers with a buyer and a seller that might match up because I have taken the time to learn what people are working to buy and sell.  I also find that in return, as this network of brokers around the world are talking amongst each other, that they also point prospective back to my sellers’ aircraft because I have taken the time to proactively promote the listings and benefits.

I don’t believe in sitting back to be reactive in an aggressive world.  Success only comes from being proactive and it continues to reap great benefits for our clients time and time again.  It actually helps everyone in our industry if we are all regularly talking and sharing information about our active projects and trends that we are witnessing.  I look forward to continuing to be doggedly proactive in efforts to promote our clients listings and in turn help them sell faster and for the highest possible price in the aircraft’s specific make/model market.

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