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Disparity In The Markets & Great Opportunities

August is historically a slow month for corporate aircraft sales.  Buyers and sellers are often vacationing with their families and not focused on aircraft transactions.  The truth is we did not see our normal patterns of activity, or lack thereof this past August.  Large-body, long-range, like-new aircraft markets have seen continued strong demand and low supply.  I have watched a lot of that activity come from the biggest companies around the world who have had pent up demand for aircraft to travel to clients and operations in the farthest corners of the globe.  We have even seen some good activity on some older aircraft models.  Other markets, however, have been slow although there are great values with motivated sellers waiting for activity to pick up.  There is an interesting disparity of sales activity in our markets leaving a lot of great opportunities for five to fifteen year old excellent aircraft (which you can absolutely get financing on) to help companies and individuals fulfill their mission requirements.

Today another broker called to see if we had any activity on a few super mid-size aircraft that we are representing.  He was representing the same aircraft type and both of us lamented that we had had very little activity on these listings over the last few months.  Neither of us could put our finger on a definitive explanation and both of our clients had recently lowered their asking prices and sales expectations.  As our global economy continues to try to find its footing and companies around the world work to grow their business in light of our economic challenges, I have to believe that they will get back to the basics of getting out in front of their clients and in their operations.  To do this effectively many of these companies will need to utilize corporate aircraft and the good news is that there are great aircraft available at the right values to help them do this.  I am excited that Labor Day and summer are behind us (although I will miss the warm weather) which historically means that it is time for most of the world to get back to business.  Call us today to learn what aircraft we are representing that can help you meet your mission.

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