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Emerging Market Relationships

This past week I was in Abu Dhabi, UAE. We have been working for several years to develop solid relationships in many of the emerging markets and we so greatly appreciate the help of friends around the world who have so generously made introductions. This activity and our continued investment in building the relationships is really starting to pay off. I must say, these new markets are extremely relationship oriented. There is no such thing as just swooping in to emerging markets and laying claim to new business. They take a solid investment of time and money. Many trips and continued involvement and follow up are paramount to the relationship development that it takes to really say, “We are doing business in these areas of the world”. Of course everyone can say as they advertise aircraft in publications which have global distribution that their advertising reaches the four corners of the world. The internet also gives each of our inventory offerings a global reach, but it is the real relationships in these markets that really allow for the bragging rights. So I thought I would brag a bit! 

We were just given an exclusive listing on a fabulous GIV-SP, S/N 1381. This is a great 1999 model Gulfstream that is being operated in Abu Dhabi, UAE. It is on a commercial certificate which is equivalent to U.S. 135 charter operations. This aircraft has low time with only 2,983 airframe hours and 359 hours since mid-life inspections on each engine. The records are impeccable and shop visits have primarily been performed at Jet Aviation Basel, Gulfstream Savannah and Gulfstream Las Vegas. The engines went to Rolls Royce for the mid-life inspections. It is JAR-OPs and EASA approved giving it great operating entrée to be based anywhere in the world for global operations. It is a truly executive VVIP interior with large quarters in the rear of the aircraft for executive work and sleeping. Now that I have returned from the Middle East, I am putting the entire marketing package together and will be ready next week to send it out to prospects for review.  In the meantime, please feel free to call or email me for more specifics.

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