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Fleet Management And Transition Planning

It has been a while, but several clients are starting to not only talk about one off sales and acquisitions, but about long-term fleet management and transition plans.  It is exciting to hear companies thinking in these terms again and these are projects that we are excited to be a part of.  Transition plans are not easy or quick.  They involve long-term commitments and in depth analysis of mission profiles, corporate development plans, budgets, market evaluations and the review of future products and other outside influences.   Over the years we have developed a lot of resources and proprietary tools that we use when developing these kinds of plans for our clients including detailed interactive budgeting models.   We use many of the same resources when working with first time buyers.

This kind of forward long-term thinking about transition plans, and not just transactions, allows for the development of programs that allow companies to strategically plan and budget to effectively meet corporate needs.  From a flight department perspective, this type of planning provides positive exposure at the executive level as aviation growth becomes one of the key vehicles the company uses to facilitate corporate growth.  From the executive level, the commitment to this kind of planning means that a company can better plan for major capital expenditures and most effectively meet their travel needs.  Longer term strategic transition planning also helps facilitate operational planning like commonality of cockpits, training programs, facilities needs and more.  Over the years we have worked with many large companies to develop these kinds of forward thinking strategic plans and then represented our clients in the execution of them.  While much of this kind of planning was put on the back burner over the last few years, it is good news for our whole industry that many large companies are ready to start discussing this kind of planning again.

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