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International Aircraft Transactions: Its the people that make them successful.

This week I was privileged to both co-moderate as well as speak at the International Aircraft Transactions conference at the EBACE Convention in Geneva. The event was a success and very well attended. The attendees list was made up of brokers, attorneys, lenders, manufacturers  and other industry professionals and it was a truly an International group. This made for a very engaging program. The question and answer period that followed each presenter was really great with terrific perspective. What became clear very early into the day were the complexities of international transactions. There is no such thing as a cookie cutter technique. Every country has very different tax considerations, regulatory considerations, recordation body complexities. So even though the day was filled with wonderfully skilled professionals, each speaking eloquently to their assigned topics, weaving the day together was challenging at times.

What was not challenging was identifying the real solution to building a successful International aviation transaction; good people. After all, isn’t that usually the real solution to complex problem solving? I have always said I am not in the aircraft sales business, I am in the people business. People selling people aircraft. This piece of our business is no different.

So here would be my strategy for building an International transaction. Get a clear understanding of the client’s operational needs. This first needs assessment should be based on their travel patterns. Once you have identified the desired home base and the most common trips, and then reach out to that group of local players that will make up the transaction team. This team should be made up of local tax authorities, local legal advisors, and local specialists in the regulatory and airspace territory and local operators who are familiar with the intricacies of the country or countries that will be regularly flown in and out of. It is also important to find lending partners with familiarity and willingness to work in the buyer’s country and where the aircraft will be operated. In short build a group of highly skilled, carefully chosen people who can lend their individual talents to the strategy.

As I invest in traveling to shows like EBACE in Geneva, I am reminded of one of the most valuable reasons to come. Networking. Not just with the usual group that a broker would want to meet. Networking to build the team players that can assist you and your clients as that clientele grows globally. The only way to stay relevant as well as a team captain in these processes is to be able to build the team. So next time you plan on a trip to an event that aggregates industry professionals, remember to add to your target list of people to meet, those people that can help you complete, talk and act professionally in this arena.

By the way, this show was very upbeat and very well attended with many great people feeling good again about the future of our wonderful and exciting industry.

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