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International Marketing

I live in Boulder, CO because it is a beautiful place to call home, but our clients and the buyers and sellers we work with are based all over the world.  We travel regularly to show aircraft, meet with clients and oversee inspections worldwide and we talk to people all over the globe daily.  It is consequently imperative that we make sure that we communicate with a global audience regarding our aircraft sales and acquisitions to ensure that we most successfully meet our clients’ needs. 

A client for whom we are selling a Falcon 2000 recently asked me about our international marketing efforts and how we made sure that a global audience knew about their offering.  It was a good question and one for which I believe that I had a good answer (and so did he).

The marketing mix that we employ consists of the use of AMSTAT and JETNET, print ads, emails, our own website and other websites in our industry, direct mail, regular phone calls and attendance at industry events worldwide.  The publications and websites that we use are global in their reach.  I would like to thank many of our partners who publish industry trade magazines and organize industry events for continuing to make investments in their businesses to expand their audience globally.  John Brennan with World Aircraft Sales (, for example, attends trade shows worldwide regularly to network locally with industry participants and build his readership and consequently my readership for my inventory ads. 

I believe that the most important thing that I can do to help sell the aircraft that we represent is to drive potential buyers to our website. There we can tell the most accurate detailed story about our listings.  To that end, the more that we speak at industry events and write articles the larger our following becomes, continuing to drive buyers and sellers to our websites to see our inventory.  We contribute editorial content to World Aircraft Sales monthly and are often asked to contribute to other industry magazines.  My father currently has articles in two new magazines: one based in Russia and one based in China.  I also use Linkedin, Twitter and this blog (all with global reach) to help speak to the differentiating benefits of our listings relative to the competitive offerings in the respective make and model category.  I was shocked and thrilled to see recently that Linkedin has become one of the biggest drivers of traffic to this blog and in turn I hope to our website too.  I have received many calls over the last six months from people who were reminded about a specific aircraft for sale when they saw a Linkedin or Twitter post about it.

Additionally we invest our time and money to travel worldwide attending and speaking at trade shows and industry events.  The more people that we network with worldwide, the more people that we can continue to directly speak to about our clients’ aircraft for sale and acquisition projects.  I regularly call and stay in touch with over 75 brokers, dealers and attorneys worldwide to directly promote our offerings.

We live in a global and connected world.  We must communicate our messages and offerings globally and we continue to invest in our own business and our clients’s aircraft listings to do just that.   Thank you for following our blog….wherever you are in the world today.

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