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It Is Not New Stuff

Recently, we began to produce professional sales video presentations for the aircraft we have for sale. They have been very well received as they really help a prospect “feel” the surroundings. Seems like a novel idea right? Now comes the fun stuff. In 1985 I hired a PR/Advertising firm in Houston, Texas, to help me build the graphics for my company’s brand. They produced the logo we still use today, along with all of the collateral sales and marketing materials, including business cards, stationery, folders and a brochure. Oh yes, one more thing, a video presentation of the aircraft we had for sale. I was sitting with my sons Josh and Adam last week looking at the new video presentations and excused myself for a few minutes. When I came back I asked them if they knew where our old VHS machine was, we hunted around, found it, hooked it up and I slid in a video that this company made in 1985. I hope you will indulge me for five minutes and fifteen seconds. So now when aircraft sales companies say, ”We are producing a first of a kind video presentation for aircraft we have for sale, we are first!” I beg to differ. Click on the link below and stroll back in time with me. I think you will find this to be a worthwhile trip! I have also attached a link to our new videos. Except for the format, now delivered via Youtube, the value is the same. By the way, speaking of memory lane, I also found a Beta tape with a sales and marketing video I made for Piper Aircraft in 1978ish with John Leahy, who at the time was Business Development Manager for Piper Aircraft and is now the COO of Airbus. We have all come a long way. Stay tuned, I will let everyone know when I put that up for viewing.

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