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Mesinger Pulse – Counting The Ways: But It Is Complicated

Originally published as a News story for Corporate Jet Investor on 6/7/24

As we enter the last month of the first half of the year, it is a nice time for reflection. I promise it all looks great, but it is complicated. We at Mesinger Jet Sales are having one of our very best first halves of a year ever. We count this in actual closings but could also measure the success by sheer call activity, although many would say talk is cheap. We would say, like many of you, being able to turn talk into a transaction is one part skill and one part luck.

As a broker today, like our colleagues, we have more inventory to work with, and that alone should make hopping off the fence and into a transaction feel more comfortable for a buyer. We are long past the days of only 1-2% of manufactured aircraft for sale at any given time. Still trying to reach what used to be a benchmark for health of 10%, but in most categories, we are solidly at 5-7%. That brings terrific choice to the buyer community. Along with choice comes the opportunity for negotiation, the opportunity to provide real due diligence to the transaction, and the opportunity to have a calmer less frenzied transaction.

This all sounds wonderful as we look ahead to a successful year. However, as calm and balanced as we find ourselves, if one were to think what we do to complete a transaction is simple, then they are probably not really getting past the activity phase of the transaction. In any given transaction, there are a myriad of players. Each side has a team and melding them together to have one success story is not always easy. Some players have their own agendas, some have less experience in the process, and others have ideas for creating paths to success that cannot always be articulated to all involved.

So how do we get from what could be one of our most successful first halves of a year to celebrating in December after one of our best years? The answer is don’t take your eyes off the ball. Don’t sit back and just think everyone will play correctly together. Don’t dare just assume all will end up like it started.

We still must remember the customer first. They may still be nervous about entering the fray. They may be thinking about the national election, the geopolitical environment, or interest rates. We must not try to simplify what are real and complicated thoughts, but rather help put them into perspective and see the changed landscape we are operating in today with more choice and negotiation. Helping them focus on the benefits of operating their own aircraft. As I always say, the chance to get out ahead of your competition and be in front of your customer is invaluable. The joy of taking your kids, grandkids, and pets around the world to make memories is impossible to place a value on.

So not only do we, as industry professionals, have reason to count the ways, but we also can uncomplicate the complicated. So, join us in the transaction arena and let’s all work together to help our prospects turn that first phone call into a transaction.

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