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We have a section on our new website dedicated to our dogs, the work that we have done with the Colorado University Flint Animal Cancer Center and links to articles about tips for traveling with pets on private aircraft.  You might have seen our “Golden Button” on our website or in an ad.  We also recently ran a new ad about our dogs and directing people to this section of our site.  The ad reads, “Our dogs are an important part of our family, and a steady reminder of what’s important in life, and in business.  Trust, loyalty, and honesty form the foundation of our beliefs, and our success.”

Today I want to discuss an initiative started a few years ago by the Colorado University Flint Animal Cancer Center called One Cure.  I recently attended an intimate fundraiser dinner for One Cure.  It was my second year attending and as a believer in their work and a proud supporter, I look forward to attending for many years to come.  One Cure is a joint initiative between the veterinarians at the Flint Animal Cancer Center and scientists and doctors working with both humans and animals to find cures for cancer through clinical research, specifically clinical trials.  It is founded on the principle that cancer affects all creatures and that new treatment breakthroughs can come through this collaborative work.

At the One Cure dinner I met an amazing woman from Colorado.  She was diagnosed with osteogenic sarcoma (bone cancer) when she was ten.  After trying everything available, her doctors were out of options and she had little time left.  As a last resort her medical team contacted the head of oncology at the Flint Animal Cancer Center at CSU searching for any last hope.  A new treatment, developed for dogs with bone cancer, showed promise for the young girl and she was given this treatment on a compassionate-use basis.  Today she is happy, healthy and 27-years old.  This story, along with many stories about dogs who have beaten cancer are just some of the success stories that the One Cure initiative can claim are a direct result of veterinarian, scientist and doctor collaborations.

Our family has lost several loved animals to cancer, but luckily never human family members.  I know, however, that many of you have.  The work that the One Cure initiative is doing benefits all of us and all of our family members regardless of how many legs they walk on.  The canine and feline patients that CSU treats and enrolls in their clinical trials are pioneers in cancer research helping move cutting-edge treatments off the laboratory bench and into clinical practice; providing hope to the next generation of animal and human cancer patients.  To learn more you can visit the following webpages and I highly encourage you to watch the One Cure Video:

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