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Overwhelming Options

In today’s corporate aircraft market there is so much available inventory at relatively low prices that it can be overwhelming for a buyer.  I get calls regularly from potential buyers who ask about large body aircraft because the initial capital cost isn’t much (if any) greater than a mid-size.  It quickly becomes clear, however, that a small or mid-size aircraft will best fulfill their mission.  They also often aren’t ready for the operating and maintenance costs required by the large body (often older) aircraft.

We have always worked to help our acquisition clients evaluate detailed mission profile analysis to identify the aircraft that will best fulfill their mission requirements.  In the end we repeatedly find that when an owner has an aircraft that best fulfills their mission and they buy based on accurate operating cost expectations the ownership experience is the most successful.  Today, with a seemingly endless supply of aircraft under $10,000,000 it becomes more challenging than ever to stay focused.  If you do, and you buy with an eye towards both capital and operating costs, I assure you that your experience will be positive.  Don’t get distracted by bigger just because you can buy it.  Buy an aircraft because it best fulfills your mission and you have accurate expectations and then use it and enjoy it.

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