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Part 4: Database Housekeeping

This article is the fourth in a continuing series 
A Career Change: Learning the Aircraft Brokerage Business
Marketing and communication with clients and prospects is such a comprehensive endeavor.  Our goals include, among other things, advertising our aircraft listings to communicate the competitive advantages of our listings and most quickly affect a sale and provide insight into aircraft ownership issues so current and future clients understand the various complexities of such an asset.  Our communication medium include our blog, our LinkedIn connections, our Twitter feed, the many articles Jay Mesinger writes for various publications and our weekly emails.  Each platform can perform a specific task in our overall strategy, but just throwing information to as many people as you think you can because it is a paperless, stamp free Internet, while seeming to reach the biggest audience, is not the most intelligent strategy.  It takes work, housekeeping and general maintenance to make sure the right people are hearing what you have to say. 

This week we took at closer look at our email marketing efforts.  Through some new thorough analytic tools in our email and web platforms we realized the significance of quantity vs. quality.  We want to be an organization that gets quality information to the right people within the aircraft community, who want to utilize it.  In order to do this most effectively we have worked hard over the years to create a clean list or recipients  free of bad email addresses, old contacts and duplicates and of people that don’t want the content and look at it only as junk or spam.  Using these new analytics tools, we are working to further refine our database and find out who wants our information, what types of information they want and how to best get it to them. 

At J. Mesinger, we want to engage, but we also want to draw people to our site and bring attention to our inventory.  We want to provide information to the aviation world through various communication outlets, so that our clients realize we are in the forefront of our industry and in front of our competition.  It is important for us to know who we want to reach, how we want to reach them and also have the most accepting audience we can.  As has been said before and holds very true in this environment, it is not quantity, it is quality.  We do our best to know our community, respond to it, and send the right people within it, the information they will most likely benefit from and come to us for in the future.

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