Part 5: Aviation Community Outreach - Mesinger Jet Sales

Part 5: Aviation Community Outreach

This article is the fifth in a continuing series.
A Career Change: Learning the Aircraft Brokerage Business

Part of my job, which is very interesting, is finding aviation blogs and other discussions happening online, that we here at J. Mesinger can become involved in.  We want to either participate on the blog site or at least post responses to articles that we have insight on.  By doing this we are exposing ourselves to new markets and potential clients, and hopefully driving people to our website.  Below is a response I wrote to an article by Aviation Business Consultants, that I came across through my LinkedIn account and NBAA group membership:

The Future of Magazines and What it Means for Aviation Marketing

What is an aviation company to do these days?  At J. Mesinger Corporate Jet Sales, we are strong believers in print advertising,   but in today’s internet age we have to always evaluate the effectiveness of those marketing efforts and combine them with online opportunities to reach the largest audience possible.  Like the article by ABCI mentioned, we have to see where print circulation is still worth our effort and where it is not.  And when we find it is not, we are moving our ad dollars elsewhere.  Our company’s blog at is paying off for us with new subscribers and hits to our website.  We still, however, see great value in print, both domestically and internationally.  Lately we have been fortunate to be a part of many international publications, such as Global Flying in China and Top Flight in Russia and the premiere edition of Jet Gala out of Singapore.  These are all beautiful publications that expand our recognition to the farthest points of the globe, and also give us the opportunity to market our client’s aircrafts all around the world.  All of the content in these magazines are either online now, or the publications are investing in building up their online content going forward, but for us to leave print all together at this point would be to miss out on many opportunities of exposure to our market.  One good example of the niche magazines still have a hold on is when a pilot sees an industry magazine at an FBO and puts it on a plane for an owner or passenger to read.  It would be a shame to miss out on that kind of exposure, because we make it a priority to use ads in magazines for corporate branding and inventory listings, and we receive great response from those efforts.  In addition, my father, Jay is often asked to write articles for the industry magazines worldwide.  I believe that with the iPad and other ebook readers, however, industry magazines have the opportunity now to offer their content in far more dynamic and interactive ways, and I am excited to see how things evolve with the times!

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