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The Business Aviation Industry – From the Top Down

Date: Thursday, February 2, 2023
Location: Webinar

NBAA News Hour – sponsored by Mesinger Jet Sales

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As we put 2022 in our collective rearview mirrors and plan for 2023, this thought leadership edition of NBAA News Hour will feature industry association leaders from GAMA, NATA, and NBAA.
Their conversation, led by Jay Mesinger of Mesinger Jet Sales, will cover topics that have a critical influence on business aviation growth including safety, sustainability, workforce, supply chain, and access to resources within the FAA and National Airspace System.

Sponsored Thought Leadership Edition by Mesinger Jet Sales

Mesinger Jet Sales - Proud member of NBAA's Leadership Council

The Finish Line Is In Sight: How Will 2022 Look In The Rear View Mirror?

Date: Wednesday, November 16, 2022
Location: Webinar

Corporate Jet Investor Town Hall – Sponsored by Mesinger Jet Sales

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The 4th quarter of any year is always a bit of an anomaly. Year-end push by manufacturers, tax implications and self-imposed deadlines by buyers and maintenance facilities all taken together drive aviation businesses to new annual stretches.

Bonus depreciation driven by an incredibly huge rush of first-time buyers set new sales standards as well as stretched not only the imagination of new heights of aircraft utilization but also depleted our available inventory to new lows. This phenomenon was also driven by the advent of Covid-19. People were so reluctant to travel on airlines, packed into airports, people moving trains and airplanes that they flooded our market. Today with a bit less fear of the pandemic poor service being provided by the airlines is the new soup de jour for avoiding commercial travel if you can afford it. Most of us in this segment of the industry reported record sales years all driven by high demand. Of course, everyone of us could be selling even more if we had more supply. Hence the sales reported in the first 10 months of 2022 compared to 2021 is actually down in numbers. This decrease in retail sales is driven by supply not demand.

This session kindly sponsored by Mesinger Jet Sales.

Corporate Jet Investor Miami 2022

Date: Tuesday, November 1, 2022
Location: Fontainebleau Miami Beach Hotel

How to Read the Market

The appraiser v the broker view - How quickly can a market turn?

Webinar: Wolfe Research - Walton's Weekly Flyby

Date: Friday, October 14, 2022

Feedback from Launch, Orders/Dels, Biden’s NSS, BizJet

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The Wolfe Byte
Introducing the 1st edition of Walton's Weekly Flyby - a weekly update on happenings in A&D. Inside, we summarize our Initiation feedback & Biden's Natl Sec Strategy, cover Sept orders/dels, offer thoughts on UAL's potential WB order.

On Friday, 10/14, we hosted a top bizjet broker ahead of next week's NBAA tradeshow. Boeing & Airbus reported Sept orders/deliveries capping 3Q as the strongest Q for total orders since 4Q19. Boeing reported 44 net orders in Sept with 227 in 3Q and 432 YTD with Airbus reporting 11, 388, and 647, respectively. Deliveries in Sept/3Q were mixed with BA posting 51 for the month and 112 for the Q with the month tying June but the Q 9 deliveries below 2Q (still up from 1Q's 95). Airbus delivered 55 in June and 140 for the Q with the month trailing March and June and the Q trailing 1Q and 2Q. See detailed tables inside.

NBAA News Hour – sponsored by Mesinger Jet Sales

Date: Wednesday, September 14, 2022
Location: Webinar

Turning into the 4th Quarter; A look into the near-term future.

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What do the most forward-leaning industry professionals see? Our NBAA News Hour panelists will bring a unique, qualified perspective to the discussion. As we come out of the summer months will the reporting define what may have been the usual summer doldrums or perhaps the true beginning to a slowdown in demand?

Be prepared to listen to the input and be ready to help shape the reality of the market today. Another important milestone to watch for as we enter the 4th quarter will be the appetite and demand for what looks like the last year that will qualify for 100% bonus depreciation for both new and pre-owned aircraft. Will the market begin to have a frenzied feel again?

Our panel of experts will unpack these questions and much more, in a Thought Leadership edition of NBAA News Hour, sponsored by Mesinger Jet Sales.

NBAA News Hour – sponsored by Mesinger Jet Sales

Date: Wednesday, August 10, 2022
Location: Webinar

Business Aviation – “Talk to the Talkers”

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Join a group of leading analysts, webinar and podcast hosts and other communicators in the aviation Industry, who will provide a front-line view of the factors driving change in business aviation during an unprecedented moment.
Jay Mesinger, CEO/President of Mesinger Jet Sales, will be the moderator for this interactive discussion.

The discussion will touch upon pressing issues of the moment, including:
• The reasons a weather forecast now seems more accurate and predictable than forecasts related to marketplace changes.
• Understanding why the shift to a coming seller’s market might swing the transaction pendulum to a balance, or cause an over-correction toward a buyer’s market. Our guests will discuss the implications of either outcome, and offer their back-channel intelligence about such shifts.
• “Drinking the Kool Aid”: when it comes to transactions, which flavor will be the sweetest – buyers Kool Aid or Sellers Kool Aid? Sip it with us this hour.

Thought Leadership edition of NBAA News Hour, sponsored by Mesinger Jet Sales.

Read the "Insider Daily" - NBAA News Hour: Veteran Analysts See Change, But Continuing Strength in Marketplace - copy and paste this link -

Who is on the Frontline of Market Change?

Date: Wednesday, July 13, 2022
Location: Virtual

Corporate Jet Investor Town Hall – Sponsored by Mesinger Jet Sales

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Mesinger Jet Sales is the proud sponsor of this event.

What are the indicators that we should look out for when looking at market change? There are the obvious indicators like interest rates, inflated fuel prices and the Ukraine crisis, which seem to be creating the perfect storm but are not yet detracting from the current frenzied market trajectory.

Are we missing another variable which we should collectively be watching?

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