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When you engage Mesinger Jet Sales, you get a dedicated team who work tirelessly for you to create the best solutions and outcomes.


Through constant market research, we know how to accurately value an aircraft that we’re considering for an acquisition client and price an aircraft that we plan to list for a brokerage client. When an aircraft is priced and promoted correctly, time on the market is significantly reduced.

Our comprehensive approach to research includes daily calls to various markets to track inventory levels, aircraft-specific details, prices, and operational histories. We also track sold prices, a crucial differentiator made possible through trusted global relationships with our industry peers. Solely knowing what an aircraft sold for means nothing if you don’t know all of the factors that attributed to that price.

Many aircraft come to market with a “Make Offer” asking price, which provides no real guidance to a buyer. Our knowledge and expertise provide more certainty to the market and a faster resolution for clients, whose goal is to maximize the sale price and minimize time and expense.

When buying an aircraft, we analyze the needs and desires of buyers and run flight plans to determine the types of aircraft that will best achieve their missions. We present cost recaps of each type of aircraft, including capital costs, fixed costs, variable costs, and charter cost savings if applicable. Additionally, if needed, we interview management companies with the buyer and review and compare their costs.


We are not inventorying dealers, so we never own aircraft. We don’t do back-to-back deals, and we will never represent multiple directly competitive aircraft at the same time. We make your aircraft a priority.

Our engagement structure means that our work is 100% transparent and our interests remain aligned with our clients’ interests.


Our technical representation performs a site visit, whether buying or selling, to see the aircraft and review records. Having a deep understanding of the asset empowers us to negotiate when buying. When selling, it allows us to best promote the aircraft’s value and explain the history to buyers, minimizing surprises that could otherwise be costly and frustrating. We have the industry’s most detailed and accurate specifications, so the industry pays attention to our listings first.

The technical representation is on site at multiple times throughout the process, including key showings, and assembles the correct people (principal, seller, technician) from Mesinger depending on the group attending the showing.


Our Technical Director spends copious amounts of time and energy to prepare for and oversee the pre-purchase evaluation including: requesting proposals, attending the input of the aircraft into the pre-purchase facility either in person or virtually, and closely following the progress of the pre-purchase process, including visits at key times. Maintaining a laser-focus on time management, discrepancy correction, and cost ensures your success and satisfaction, while reducing expenses and maximizing return.

You don’t just get the know-how of one professional on your side. With Mesinger Jet Sales you get the collective result of a close-knit group of smart, results-driven professionals.

Andy Weibel
Andy Weibel

Technical Director

As the Mesinger Jet Sales full-time Technical Director, Andy oversees the technical aspects of our aircraft sales and acquisition projects, ranging from managing pre-purchase evaluations to mission profile planning. The degree and pace of our industry’s technological advancement are breathtaking, which requires prudent effort to remain a step ahead. Andy’s inquisitive nature ensures that we are always asking the most appropriate technical questions, allowing our clients to make a well-informed decision.

Andy’s passion for aviation began at sixteen years old with his first flight. The “flying bug” bit hard, so four years later he graduated from Metropolitan State University of Denver with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Aviation Technology.

Spending nearly seven years as a professional pilot flying a wide variety of business jets, Andy gained valuable operational experience, including as Captain of a Falcon 2000. In addition to operational responsibilities, Andy worked closely with his director of maintenance to troubleshoot discrepancies and find solutions to minimize downtime and increase dispatch reliability. Andy is a proud member of the International Aircraft Dealers Association (IADA), NBAA’s Leadership Council, and the StandardAero Business Aviation Customer Advisory Board.

Outside of aviation, time spent in automotive and real estate franchising sales further enhanced Andy’s understanding of the financial and business decisions that our clients must evaluate in the course of an aircraft transaction.

With the Rocky Mountains at his doorstep, Andy enjoys spending time camping, hiking, biking, and just about anything Colorado has to offer.

Christine Sheridan
Christine Sheridan

Director of Business Development

I began my career working in the construction industry which resulted in broadening my curiosity on the details of organizational skills, communication with a diverse population, and office management which led me to the financial aspect of the company. I moved from construction to the intriguing world of aviation, where I was able to utilize my organizational abilities while maintaining excellent financial health by implementing budgets for international and domestic travel as a financial analyst.

My enthusiasm grew for aviation, and I learned the language of aviation by delivering fast solutions that met the needs of the experienced individuals surrounding me. Over the next seventeen years, working in the private sector of aviation, I became very comfortable meeting the needs of clients regarding their budgets by delivering success through clear communication. My studies in speech language pathology (in my college years) taught me how to communicate clearly with people, which led me to understand their financial and aviation needs.

I communicated with people through consistency, honesty, and attentiveness to meet our clients’ requirements. I paid great attention to the intricacies of private aviation and developed a language of aviation that allowed me to communicate and navigate clearly. I learned to bridge the financial expenses of maintaining an aircraft from fuel allotment, maintenance, and budget flow for the personnel that serviced the aircraft. Every month, I generated a cost flow sheet of maintenance, crew, and operational expenses for many aircraft which included profit and loss reporting. My management skills allowed me to organize my office and all the responsibilities that went with it. I am detail-oriented in knowing the different programs that applied to different clients and their aviation needs, including the many personalities that sometimes clashed. My job was to deliver the service they demanded and to ensure that they were happy with the results.

My passions are aviation, traveling and flying to different destinations. I enjoy reading, watching thriller movies, and listening to music of all genres. I also enjoy spending time with my dogs and occasionally horseback riding. Last but not least … I’m a part of a large Irish family with several siblings, nieces, nephews and cousins. My family is a great source of support, joy, and unique dynamics.

Jay Mesinger
Jay Mesinger


Jay Mesinger is the CEO and Founder of Mesinger Jet Sales, an international aircraft brokerage firm, with 49 years of experience in the aviation industry. Mesinger Jet Sales has modernized the formula for buying and selling aircraft and provides its clients with the best market intelligence for aircraft sales pricing and correct acquisition expectations.

Jay is a published Aviation Journalist and Industry Leader. He is a member of the International Aircraft Dealers Association (IADA); a member of the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) Leadership Council; a member of Gulfstream’s “Key Player” team; and a member of the European Business Aviation Association (EBAA). In addition, he is a member of the Colorado Aviation Business Association (CABA).

Additionally, he was the Chairman of the Associate Member Advisory Council (AMAC) and a member of the Board of the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA). He was the first aircraft broker to serve on the NBAA board. Jay also served on the Customer Advisory Board of Jet Aviation and on the Customer Advisory Board of Airbus North America. Jay also served on the Duncan Aviation Customer Advisory Board for 2 terms and was on the Board of Directors of The Morris Animal Foundation.

Jay regularly speaks at industry gatherings, writes the monthly Mesinger Pulse newsletter (Jay Mesinger’s Industry Perspectives), and started the very first aviation brokerage website over 29 years ago, www.jetsales.com.  Jay continues to communicate from the cutting edge of business aviation through various social networking platforms – The Mesinger Blog – jetsales.com/articles/ and Linkedin – www.linkedin.com.

On those rare no-aviation moments in my life, I love to take advantage of Colorado outdoors, hiking, and walking with our dogs. Speaking of dogs, please take a moment to click on the Golden Button located at the bottom of each of our website pages. I know you will enjoy that four-legged journey.

Josh Mesinger
Josh Mesinger

Vice President

I have been around business aviation my entire life having watched our parents work in this industry and build our family business. I started going to National Business Aviation Association conventions and working for our company while in college and joined the company full-time immediately after graduating from George Washington University in 2000. Through working with both small and large flight departments; industry leaders; and principals with diverse backgrounds, priorities, and experiences, I have seen what is successful and what is not and what true leadership looks like. I employ those lessons daily.

My skills and role on our team extend into sales and acquisitions, business development, negotiations, contract business term review, regulatory concerns, import/export issues, pre-purchase inspection oversight and closings. I work extensively with other brokers, dealers, aviation attorneys, our clients’ in-house counsel and tax advisors, maintenance facilities, FAA, and other aviation authority representatives around the world as well as with NBAA and other global aviation industry associations regularly. After years of experience, this has resulted in a large global pool of trusted industry resources consistently benefiting our clients.

I have been involved in the creation of new flight departments and the closing of established ones and I have worked in this industry through several major economic downturns and times of growth. Through diligent and focused effort, we made our company stronger as we emerged from each. I have also been exposed to different experiences and cultures having studied abroad during college in Kathmandu, Nepal and having lived in Houston, TX; Santa Fe, NM; Missoula, MT; Washington, DC and Boulder, CO. These experiences have provided me with a unique perspective that benefits our clients daily through my understanding and management of different personalities.

In addition to my direct work in our sales and acquisition projects, I am a contributor to our corporate blog, jetsales.com/articles/ and I am a member and certified broker of the International Aircraft Dealers Association (IADA) and a member of NBAA’s Leadership Council. I have been a member of the National Business Aviation Association’s Business Aviation Management Committee (BAMC). I have served on multiple industry company Customer Advisory Boards including currently for Jet Aviation and Aviation Research Group/US. And, I participate in numerous aircraft manufacturer’s events for industry leaders, all of which continue to provide additional insight into the various aspects of our industry.

During my nine-year tenure on the BAMC, I co-chaired the NBAA Leadership Conference twice, helped build the ethics section of the NBAA Business Aviation Management Guide, founded and co-chaired the NBAA Diversity Equity & Inclusion Working Group and helped write the NBAA Business Aviation Management Guide DE&I content.

Outside of work, I volunteer with and support the Boulder, CO Family Learning Center among other organizations and spend my time hiking with my dogs and friends, cooking and entertaining and traveling.

Ruth Bushard
Ruth Bushard

Account Manager

Being in the aviation industry was always a dream of mine. As a young girl growing up in the Midwest, my family would pile into our camper and head off to visit different parts of the U.S. We visited the 48 contiguous states before I turned 18. In my early twenties, for a brief time, I worked as a flight attendant on commuter planes. I enjoyed the faster pace of getting around and all of the unique people I came in contact with, not to mention the incredible views from the sky.

I joined the Mesinger team in 2003 as an account manager. Before coming aboard, I was working in the real estate industry as a licensed Realtor. I find myself wearing many hats as an account manager. With a strong background in office management and customer service, I am a true “people person.” I love talking with our clients and thoroughly enjoy the intimate environment of working at Mesinger Jet Sales and being part of this exceptional brokerage firm. I’m generally the key person answering the phones and sending a smile your way! I support everyone in the office in all aspects of our transactions, from new listing through closing. I work on creating and maintaining our aircraft specifications. I coordinate necessary paperwork, title searches, tracking inspection/maintenance progress and sending updates to clients as to the activity level and marketing efforts of their aircraft listing. I also assist with advertising and media placement. I handle marketing materials and advertising in aviation publications and on major aviation websites. I update and maintain all aircraft listings on jetsales.com, as well as several aviation websites and the two multiple-listing services, and I generate online campaigns tailored for our clients’ needs.

When not at work, my passions include exploring this beautiful state that I live in whether it be hiking, biking or skiing – as long as it’s outdoors!

Sandra Mesinger
Sandra Mesinger


After graduating from UCLA, I went to live in London, thinking I would meet the Rolling Stones or Beatles. What I found was a career in accounting and returned to Los Angeles and became a CPA. I passed the CPA test in the top 4% of the country, thereby learning that hard work and discipline definitely pay off. I was one of the first women to work for Alexander Grant in the Beverly Hills office, a national CPA firm. This groundbreaking experience helped me to understand that I had to work a little harder than everyone else, which is how Mesinger Jet Sales has always worked. In the 18 years I worked in public accounting, my area of specialty was financial accounting, which included the preparation of financial statements for decision makers.

We moved from Santa Fe, New Mexico, to Boulder, Colorado, in 1993. Jay and I decided my background in accounting and financial analysis would complement his aviation business, and we began our working partnership that has spanned more than 30 years. Now with both our sons working with us, the business continues to thrive and flourish. The other two members of our team, Ruth and Andy, have become an important part of the Mesinger family and contribute to the excellent work the entire organization does within the aviation industry. We also have two daughters; one works in the field of mergers and acquisitions and the other in design.

Hiking with my dogs, Benny and Leo, is my passion as well as being with my five beautiful grandchildren! I have also served on several boards, one being the board of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Boulder.



Jay Mesinger discovered a passion for flying when he was in high school. In college, he learned he had a gift for business. In 1982, he combined his love for flying with his business acumen to create what is now Mesinger Jet Sales.


Jay Mesinger discovered a passion for flying when he was in high school. In college, he learned he had a gift for business. In 1982, he combined his love for flying with his business acumen to create what is now Mesinger Jet Sales. Mesinger began purchasing planes at age 22 in Houston. He took his boss to buy a plane at a Piper dealership. Soon after, Mesinger bought the struggling dealership, and within the first year, turned it into one of the largest Piper dealerships in the world. The dealership sold more Piper Navajos than anyone else, and as a result, won every award that Piper had to give. As Mesinger’s clients began to outgrow their Piper Piston Twins, he began working as a broker and his successful business evolved from there.


Our firm has a history of innovation in aviation, leading the industry in what is always the most forward-thinking aviation-marketing and asset-management discussions. In the early 1980s, Jay created the first aircraft marketing video (View the video). Over the years, we have created a series of information tools, and Jay has penned articles in various aviation publications for decades and now contributes to Aviation International News’ AINsight blog, as well as our own Mesinger Pulse Newsletter once a month. Jay regularly speaks on critical topics within our industry. He was also the first, and one of the only aircraft brokers or dealers ever to be on the National Business Aviation Association’s Associate Member Advisory Council, where he quickly advanced to be vice chairman, and then the chairman of AMAC. As both the vice chairman and the chairman of AMAC he also held a seat on NBAA’s voting board. His association with the board was the result of years of this forward-thinking innovation. We have been an industry leader, developing print and electronic branding and aircraft marketing campaigns since the mid-1990s, drawing the tremendous attention to our clients’ aircraft sales and acquisition projects. We bought the name www.jetsales.com before we really understood the potential of the World Wide Web. Here is a link to see our first website that launched in December, 1996 (view the website). Today, we also write blogs and produce videos to best tell the stories about our projects, setting them apart from the competition in a crowded marketplace.


It has been true throughout our long and successful history, we continue to believe that the structuring of the right group of people with talent in all areas of the transaction remains paramount. We succeed because our close-knit group works together to provide the greatest insight and intelligent advice to our clients. Because we work as a group and not individuals, we are readily available to our clients and prospective aircraft buyers. This approach consistently benefits our clients day in and day out. We look forward to showing you how we can add the greatest value to your sales or acquisition project.

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