Code of Ethics - Mesinger Jet Sales
Mesinger Jet Sales Shall:
  1. Always maintain the highest standards of professionalism in all dealings related to a client’s business and in the representation of the client’s interest.
  2. Work exclusively on behalf of the client who has hired us.
  3. Immediately upon receipt of any offers for aircraft or information about a client’s sale or acquisition, present such offer or information to the client exactly as it was received.
  4. Not accept a commission from any party other than the client in connection with any transaction.
  5. Not compensate, directly or indirectly, any third party in connection with any transaction unless it is requested and approved by and with full disclosure to our client.
  6. Not hold any ownership or interest in any aircraft for which Mesinger Jet Sales is acquiring or selling on behalf of a client.
  7. Not hold any interest in other entities whose services Mesinger Jet Sales recommends that a client use or receive any benefit, financial or otherwise, as a result of a client’s use of such services.
  8. Never knowingly mislead a client or prospective client about the market value of an aircraft.
  9. Always present to the best of our knowledge, accurate details and representation about an aircraft for sale or an aircraft being considered for purchase and make truthful representations to the client and the public.
  10. Keep all client and transaction details confidential unless otherwise authorized to disclose such information by the client.

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