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You all know about our families’ love for dogs. We are so heartbroken to announce that on August 27, 2021, we lost our precious Golden Retriever Louie. He fought a good fight, but he finally let us know he was tired and could no longer battle the terrible cancer he had, Hemangiosarcoma.

We have written in the past about our support for the Colorado State University’s Flint Animal Cancer Center. In fact, as you can read in the link below (Elliott and Louie’s Long Paw Scholars), we have started a funding project in their names, our golden retrievers we lost to cancer. After we lost Elliott, we found a new love, Louie, another gorgeous golden retriever! When Louie was a puppy, we enrolled him in a 10-year, $25-million research study sponsored by the Morris Animal Foundation in Denver, Colorado. The study follows the lives of 3,000 golden retrievers starting before age two through their entire lives. The study is a partnership between the dog, their vet and the Morris Foundation. The results will be used to help find and treat cancer in goldens, and dogs in general, as well as providing great insight into the causes of various types of cancer in humans.

We have added a few links to web pages that further describe this study and the canine oncology work being done by Colorado State University. Our Louie has become the poster dog for the Morris Foundation study. Louie also was chosen by Orvis, an international, multi-channel retailer, to be the poster dog representing Orvis’s deep commitment to dogs and the study of diseases that take our wonderful animals from us.

We know that we are not alone in our love for our pets. We hope you will share in this desire of ours to protect and care for all dogs. Here, you will find two very important programs established to research efforts and protect all of our four-legged friends. Enjoy. And don’t forget, we also buy and sell airplanes!

Puppy Prayer
Dog my Friend

Watch a video about “Louie” and his Cancer Treatment at CSU Flint Animal Cancer Center, Fort Collins, CO.
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