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Christine Sheridan

I began my career working in the construction industry which resulted in broadening my curiosity on the details of organizational skills, communication with a diverse population, and office management which led me to the financial aspect of the company. I moved from construction to the intriguing world of aviation, where I was able to utilize my organizational abilities while maintaining excellent financial health by implementing budgets for international and domestic travel as a financial analyst.

My enthusiasm grew for aviation, and I learned the language of aviation by delivering fast solutions that met the needs of the experienced individuals surrounding me. Over the next seventeen years, working in the private sector of aviation, I became very comfortable meeting the needs of clients regarding their budgets by delivering success through clear communication. My studies in speech language pathology (in my college years) taught me how to communicate clearly with people, which led me to understand their financial and aviation needs.

I communicated with people through consistency, honesty, and attentiveness to meet our clients’ requirements. I paid great attention to the intricacies of private aviation and developed a language of aviation that allowed me to communicate and navigate clearly. I learned to bridge the financial expenses of maintaining an aircraft from fuel allotment, maintenance, and budget flow for the personnel that serviced the aircraft. Every month, I generated a cost flow sheet of maintenance, crew, and operational expenses for many aircraft which included profit and loss reporting. My management skills allowed me to organize my office and all the responsibilities that went with it. I am detail-oriented in knowing the different programs that applied to different clients and their aviation needs, including the many personalities that sometimes clashed. My job was to deliver the service they demanded and to ensure that they were happy with the results.

My passions are aviation, traveling and flying to different destinations. I enjoy reading, watching thriller movies, and listening to music of all genres. I also enjoy spending time with my dogs and occasionally horseback riding. Last but not least … I’m a part of a large Irish family with several siblings, nieces, nephews and cousins. My family is a great source of support, joy, and unique dynamics.

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