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Josh Mesinger

I have been around business aviation my entire life having watched our parents work in this industry and build our family business. I started going to NBAA conventions and working while in college and joined the Company full time immediately after graduating from George Washington University in 2000. By working extensively with both small and large flight departments; industry leaders; and principles with diverse backgrounds, priorities and experiences, I have seen what is successful and what is not and what true leadership looks like. I employ those lessons daily.

My skills and role on our team extends into sales and acquisitions, business development, negotiations, contract business term review, regulatory concerns, import/export issues, pre-purchase inspection oversight and closings. I work extensively with other brokers, aviation attorneys, our clients’ in-house counsel and tax advisors, maintenance facilities, FAA and other aviation authority representatives around the world as well as with NBAA and other global aviation industry associations regularly. After years of experience, this has resulted in a large global pool of trusted industry resources consistently benefiting our clients.

I have been involved in the creation of new flight departments and the closing of established ones and I have worked in this industry through two major economic downturns.  Through diligent and focused effort we made our company stronger as we emerged from each.  I have also been exposed to different experiences and cultures having studied abroad during college in Kathmandu, Nepal and having lived in Houston, TX; Santa Fe, NM; Missoula, MT; Washington, DC and Boulder, CO.  These experiences have provided me with a unique perspective that benefits our clients daily through my understanding and management of different personalities.

In addition to my direct work in our sales and acquisition projects, I am a regular contributor to our corporate blog, I am also a member of the National Business Aviation Association’s Business Aviation Management Committee, I was a founder and am a Co-Chair of NBAA’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Working Group and I was one of two Co-Chairs of the 2016 & 2017 NBAA Leadership Conferences.  And, I have served on multiple industry company Customer Advisory Boards including currently for Jet Aviation and I participate in multiple aircraft manufacturer’s events for industry leaders all of which continue to provide additional insight into the various aspects of our industry.

Outside of work, I spend my time hiking with my dogs and friends, cooking and entertaining and traveling.

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